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XML resources including XML tutorials, XML references, resources, newsgroups, XML news, XML mail lists and more including the XML schema, XML DOM, XSLT, and SVG, organizations, XML FAQs, magazines, books, etc.
XML (Extended Markup Language) was developed by W3.Org and released in the late 1990's. XML is a meta-based language for describing data and creating markup languages. Individual pieces of data go into "tags". An XML document is text-based and is made up of XML tags. XML is portable and is used for cross-platform data communication on the Web. XML is the language for information interchange. XML provides the foundation for many Web Services standards. VoiceXML converts an XML document into sound so that you can listen to an XML document. Some applications send XML documents to cell phones. XML is the vehicle that allows data to be shared by dissimilar applications on varying platforms as XML is used for describing and structuring data independent from the application logic. XSL is the language for expressing stylesheets. XSL transforms XML documents and specifies formatting semantics. W3c.org has more information about the XML, XSL, XSLT, SVG technologies.






XML Tutorials

Sections under XML Tutorials

Introduction and Beginning Tutorials, includes "Why XML?"
Intermediate XML Tutorials
XML with Java
XSL Tutorials
DTD Tutorials
XML Namespaces Tutorials
XML Data Source Tutorials
XSLT, the DOM and XPath
Wireless Markup Language Tutorials (WML)

Introduction and Beginning Tutorials

The XML FAQ xml.silmaril.ie
Flash/XML FAQ - using XML with Flash? tupps.com
XML FAQ textuality.com
Java Technology and XML FAQs java.sun.com
XML Schema FAQ redrice.com
XML in 10 Points w3.org
XML Namespaces FAQ R.Bourret
Apache SOAP FAQ (apache.org)
UDDI FAQ (uddi.org)
Resource Description Framework FAQ (w3.org)

Intermediate XML Tutorials for Those Persons Having Already Studied Beginning XML
Why XML Networking?
XML/XSL Tutorials (ZVON)
Reintroduction to XML with emphasis on character encoding by Mike J. Brown; (skew.org)
A gentle introduction to XML  XML Tutorial introduces a variety of XML topics: SVG, DTD, Schema, XSLT, DOM, and SAX; (xmlzoo.net)
A Technical Introduction to XML (O'Reilly,xml.com)
SQL/XML Tutorial: SQL/XML, XQuery, and Native XML Programming Languages (stylusstudio.com)
XML APIs for Databases (javaworld.com)

XML with Java

XSL Tutorials

XSL/XSLT at w3cschools.com
XSLT Tutorial
XSLT, the DOM and XPath
XSLT defines mechanisms for addressing XML data (XPath) and for specifying transformations on the data, in order to convert it into other forms. XSLT is used to write out a DOM as an XML file. XPath is XML Path Language.
Using XSLT (java.sun.com)
XSLT Tutorial (w3schools.com)
XSL Languages and XSLT Evolution (w3schools.com)

Using XSLT and .NET to Manipulate XML Files (xmlfiles.com)
Transcending the Limits of DOM, SAX, and XSLT (ibm.com)
XML document processing in Java using XPath and XSLT (javaworld.com)
XML DOM Tutorial (w3schools.com)
XPath Language, Version 1.0 Recommendation 16 November 1999 (w3c.org)
XPath Language, Version 2.0 Recommendation 06 June, 2006 (w3c.org)


DTD Tutorials
XML Namespaces

XML Data Source Tutorials

WML Tutorials
WML is Wireless Markup Language, a subset of XML. WML is the language and WAP is the technology that puts documents on cell phones and other wireless devices.
DeveloperFusion.co.uk WML Tutorial
The Wireless Markup Language (wirelessdevnet.com)
More online WML training from wirelessdevnet
WAP/WML Tutorial (w3schools.com)
Simple WML Tutorial (zvon.org)
Softsteel WML Tutorial
WML/WAP Tutorial freewebmasterhelp.com

See also:  Web Services

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XML Newsgroups



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IslandNet.Com USENET News An Introduction to USENET News
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XML Books


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XML E-Zines

W3J Journal: Corporate Governance News, Plans, Documentation W3J is an operating division of Teknetics
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XML Zone


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