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PhotoShop References and Tutorials

Free PhotoShop tutorials and references, Commercial Art links. These PhotoShop projects and tutorials assume no prior knowledge of PhotoShop. PhotoShop will work well with many other software applications including Microsoft Office. You may be interested in reading about other products at Adobe.Com which are related to Commercial Design and Publishing, Web Design and Graphics, E-papers and other categories. If you need Web images, save your PhotoShop 6.0 files using File, Save For Web instead of File, SaveAs.

Dreamweaver CS5.5 by Adobe is one of the first versions of Dreamweaver to address width issues for the Web Templates for iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets. We used to have to make a template for each device, and set the width in pixels. Now there is more automation with tutorials available for Web -device document-design, online at http://tv.adobe.com/ by locating the online tutorials/ video , for Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5.5 and CS 6.0. There will be no end to learning the new features of each subsequent version as it comes out, just to stay current with the software in the industry of Web Design and document coding for online use. XML is the technology that allows for mathematical formulas or other symbols to be put only and XML is called Extensible Markup Language... Here is a good source for some HTML tutorials: http://www.shopify.com/website-design-101. I thank your teacher for sending in this link. I posted this one on October 26, 2012. Use Google to find "html5" and "css3", which are the newer emerging technologies explained at http://www.w3c.org/, but do not use the quotes inside the text box when using Google's search engine to type in the search phrases. A text box is where the user types. " w3c" Web site is the World Wide Web Consortium, a standards organization created by Tim Berners Lee and like-minded others, who recognized the need to get away from proprietary browser features and have Web coding and browser features to be more standardized throught the years, since the 1990's when the Web came about at C.E.R.N. labs in Switzerland. For more information, see: History of the Web Beginning at CERN.
  My page for students learning HTML, HTML tables, and coding for web pages is located at HTML for Students.


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Scott Kelby.com He is the author of several PhotoShop books.
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Color-Safe Web Palette
at Hitmill.com: Pastels and Subtle Color Changes
Adobe.com Click on Products to find PhotoShop
 PhotoShop is also package with Adobe's Creative Suites, so check those too. With a student body card, in your college bookstore you can order Abdobe products/packages at student pricing. Takes classes now and enjoy the benefits of having that student body card. Many colleges offer Digital Design courses now.


Web Design Examples

CutAndPaste Digital Graphics Tournament in progress
Scott Kelby's Photography , home page
David Siegel's Casbah
David Siegel's Home Page
Web Pages That Suck (webpagesthatsuck.com)
Jeep (international home page)


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We use Google to search for specific topics in the desired tutorial. In photoshop, it is best to best to learn to do "Global Adjustments" set a "Black Point" and a "White Point" then "Adjust Midtones", and so forth... Therese are the steps used by a photographer for global adjustments on images. A good book for Students, is the Adobe Photoshop CS[# of version] On Demand. Publisher is Que. Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Demand has topics and a contents, index, and you look up a feature as you need it. If you want to move the arm of a person in a photo, Puppet Warp is the new technology to try. Google Search Example: "Cascarding Style Sheets rule." CSS is called Cascading Style Sheets (plural) and one rule, in the quotes to the left, looks like poor English grammar was used because we want one rule but sheets looks like it is plural... The clue is that all three words are capital, like a proper name... CSS is the abbreviation, for the name of the technology. CSS is never referred to as Style Sheet, but there is always an s on the end of Sheet.


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  Students: when I have more time, I will weed out broken links, put up newer sites for the newer technoliges... This page was archived in 2009.


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