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PhotoShop Tutorial:
Fill Text With Pattern-Fill

This tutorial was written for PhotoShop 6, but can be adapted easily for the current version of PhotoShop CS4, or previous versions such as CS2 or CS3. See Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium.

A free-form scribble was manipulated with filters, color changes, pens, brushes to create this repetitive "oranges" pattern and the image of the two rows of oranges had the layers flattened, then was cropped and the colors adjusted again. My final background was 5 inches wide and approximately 2 inches in height before it was cropped as a completed image. Directions follow:
1) Duplicate layer; 2) Change bottom locked-layer to white;
3) Activate the new colored layer and click on the text tool, the type your text.
4) Drag the text layer below the colored layer.
5) Duplicate the colored layer.
6) Hide the upper colored layer and activate the lower colored layer; decrease opacity.
7) Hide the lower colored layer and activate the upper colored layer.
8) The text layer is below the upper colored layer. ALT + Click on the line between the upper colored layer and the text layer.
9) Unhide the lower colored layer, activate this layer and adjust opacity.
10)Activate the higher colored layer. Adjust the hue, the saturation, and the Contrast to where you want each setting to be. This will be a visual decision, a personal preference.
11) Flatten the layers.
12)Save For Web.
Here is the completed image:

oranges image


Another Pattern Fill:

party1 image

This image was tiled across a new image, size 5" x 2", to created the following text:

party1 image

You can copy and paste the small tile several times to fill out the 5" x 2" area, and it is alright if some of the tiles overlap. When the entire area is filled, then flatten the new 5" x 2" image and follow the previous directions above.



Updated 22 Jan 2009
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