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PhotoShop Tutorial:
Filling Text With Scanned Fabric

by Cheryl Gribble for Hitmill.com
For the best results, select a fabric with a small print or pattern. The scanner usually saves a scanned image as a .tiff file which will open in PhotoShop. Re-save the file using SaveAs and save the image as a PhotoShop image so that you can work with the image in PhotoShop. Follow the tutorial steps for filling text with an image. Adding a border is optional. The image below was created by scanning a fabric with a floral pattern.



Before using the tutorial steps, I adjusted the color by selecting Image, Adjust, Hue/Saturation. The fabric-fill below is the result of manipulating the image and following the tutorial. To create the border, select the text (select the white background and the center of the letters, then click on Select, Inverse to select the letters). Under the selection menu find the Modify, Selected Border dialog box. This border was 1-2 pixels wide. Once the border selection was showing, I filled the border by going to Edit, Fill, Foreground Color.


I am including one more example here of text filled from a fabric scan. The text below is the result of using fabric that had a design of rocks, pebbles in a stream of water.

image of lettering with a fabric fill

It is very interesting to see the texture of the fabric also appear in the lettering. This gives the text a special character that would otherwise be difficult to achieve without altering an image.


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