Create an Image-Fill for Text

PhotoShop Tutorial: How to Fill Text With an Image
This is a free online PhotoShop tutorial about how to use image fills for text, putting an image into lettering, text image fill, font fills, text with image.

To create a text-fill from the poppies image or your own image, open the image in PhotoShop. Rename the image as poppies2 in a PhotoShop format, or any name you like that is different from the name of the original image. Open the newly named file and close your original file without saving any changes.
  California poppies image  

Click Layers, Duplicate layer. Select the background (locked)(lowest layer) and change the background color to white. Select the copy of background layer. You can see that it is too narrow to make lettering go all the way across the image. To get away from this problem, open a new file with dimensions of 7 inches wide by 2.5 inches in height. You are going to paste several of your new images side-by-side to make a single longer image, by using copy and paste.
Select the poppies layer and use a rectangular selection tool to select the entire image. Click edit, copy. Select the new image that is 7 x 2.5 inches. Click Layer, Create new layer, OK. Then select Edit paste. Paste the image (copy) into the new layer. Select layer, new layer and repeat this layer. For each new layer, paste a new copy into each layer and use the selection tool to move the images each side-by-side as you create each subsequent layer. When you have created a single row of tiled images (each will be in a separate layer), select Layer, flatten image. Use the crop tool to crop away any white space. Save the new longer image with a new name. Work now only with the new longer image you just created and saved. Follow the steps in the next paragraph.
Select layer, duplicate layer to make a copy of the background layer. When you see two layers of poppies in the layers box, select the bottom (locked) background layer and make the background color be white. You have to select the entire image and press ALT + Backspace when white is showing in the top color box of the toolbox. You should be able to see this color change by looking at the layer image in the layers box. Now select the poppies layer (copy of background) to make it the active layer. In the work area, you are going to "pretend" to put text on this poppies layer. Select the text tool and use the font and font size that you like. Type California poppies. (Do not necessarily use the italics unless you want to.) PRESS Control + ENTER when you are through typing your text. If you had selected a white text to type on this layer you would be seeing at this time, white text over poppies. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.
The next steps are important to your success in getting the text to mask the image so that the image appears inside the text. Look in the layers window. You should have a bottom white background layer, then the poppies layer, and then a text layer on top, since you just completed the text task last. If you have any extra layers, discard them now. Click and drag the text layer below the poppies layer in the layers box so that the poppies layer is higher in the list than the text layer. Position the mouse point directly between the text layer and the poppies layer and press ALT + Click. (Mac users, this is Option + Click, right on the line between the text layer and the image layer in the layers box). If at first you do not see the text image filled with poppies click on the poppies layer. When you see the image filled with poppies, flatten the layers and save it as another name. Below, is my example of the text filled with poppies.


Next, I embellished the background with butterflies, scaled to fit the flowers, added another colored layer and decreased opacity of the new layer. After filling the text with the image I clicked on the masked layer (colored layer above the text) and adjusted hue, saturation, constrast, then added another size-scaled butterfly before flattening all the layers.




Updated 11 February 2007
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