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Severe Weather Preparation
and Safety Tips

Severe weather preparation and safety tips about storms, severe cold, ice storms, floods, flash floods, dust storms, hail, hurricanes, tornados, lightening, and more.
Many times, survival from severe weather depends upon awareness, preparation, what to do during the event, and safe water and food handling after the event. Loss of electricity for a prolonged duration can be critical if you are not prepared for such a problem. The resources and information linked in this quick reference directory should help you prepare for severe weather and hazards and teach you what to do before, during and after a critical event. Teach safety to your children and hold drills at home.
If you suspect someone has been poisoned call the National number to reach a Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222 . Have available the name of what was ingested, if known.

Lightning | Tornados | Hail Storms | Floods & Flash Floods
Dust Storms | Severe Heat | Hurricanes
Earthquakes | Ice Storms | Severe Cold

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Safety during Severe Weather and Hazards
(directories and general lists)

The following links are general categories and also collections, directories about severe weather.


Lightning: Education and Safety

NOAA Lightening Page
Lightning-The Underrated Killer (National Weather Service)
Lightning Safety by Sabrina (
Lightning Safety (
What Everyone Should Know About Lightning (
Kids and Lightning Safety (
Tips on Lightning Safety (
Lightning Safety for Campers and Hikers (
National Lightning Safety Institute Home Page (
Lightning Safety, Tornado Safety (Fire Dept., northriverside -
Tuscaloosa Area Sky Warn (


Tornado Safety Tips


Hail Safety Tips

Thunderstorm Hazards: Hail
Hailstorms (
Hail (National Weather Service, Columbia, S.C.)
Hail Safety Tips (
Hail (
Home Safety and Hailstorm Preparation (
Safety in a Hailstorm (
Rain and Hail Insurance Service (
Hail Factsheet (


Flood and Flash Flood Safety Tips


Dust Storm Safety Tips


Heat Safety

What to do When Heat Waves Strike (
Heat Safety (
Children's Safety During Warm Weather (
Heat Safety Tips (Red Cross of the Delmarva Peninsula)
What to do if a Heat Wave is Predicted or Happening (
Extreme Heat (
Consider Heat Safety During Power Outages (


Hurricane Preparation and Safety Tips

Hurricane Awareness (
Hazards: Hurricanes (FEMA)
Hurricane Preparedness Brochure (PDF format) (
FEMA Factsheet: Hurricanes (FEMA)
Hurricane Safety (Central Maine Power Company)
Hurricane Safety (
Hurricane Safety Tips (
Hurricane Preparation (
Hurricane Safety Information (
Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones (YAHOO)


Earthquake Safety Tips


Ice Storm Preparation and Safety


Severe Cold Survival




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