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Version-Specific VB

Visual Basic 3.0

Visual Basic 4.0

Visual Basic 5.0

Introduction to Visual Basic:
A free course at Free-Ed; Assignments deal with VB version 5.
Xploiter.Com VB 5 Tutorial
for beginners.
Visual Basic 5 Tutorial (Simplified Software)
Introduction to Visual 5 Programming
This is an archive of reference notes and tutorials, including some advanced tutorials from Napier College.
Visual Basic 5.0 Dev Titles at the Informant Book Store
Andy Harris'
VB 5 College Lecture Series
Includes sample code. The syllabus is hyperlinked.
Visual Basic 5 Tips and Tricks
VB 5 Archives at Microsoft
VB 5 Question of the Day
Joe Garrick's World of Visual Basic
(Includes a beginner's corner...)


Visual Basic 6.0

See our Visual Basic page for additional VB6 links

There are several VB 6 book links in the Books section.

Converting VB6 projects to VB.NET
Gary Beene's Visual Basic World
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced VB6 tutorials (updated in a timely manner).
Gary Beene's Visual Basic 6 Tutorials
Visual Basic 6 Tutorials at Microsoft
Many of the e-zines, news, newsletters, articles and tutorials from the many links at the top of this page also deal with VB6.

Visual Basic.NET

VB7 is known as Visual Basic.NET. Visual Basic.NET was followed by Visual Basic.NET 2003 which supported more of the .NET Framework created by Microsoft. This technology incorporates Web Services. Get the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Vista and 2007 Office System.


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