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The following tutorial (code sample) was written using the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE (Integrated Development Environment).


The ampersand in the caption serves to make a letter of the
command button caption underlined on the button. The button is
then accessible by using a keyboard combination of
ALT + the underlined letter. Alt + X would unload the form and
exit this single-document interface (SDI) program.

Directions (continued)
When continuing to build the above user interface, name the list box lstBox. (Very original name, yeh?) The name begins with the letter "l", not the numeral one. lst is the Hungarian notation prefix for a list box. When you first build the list box you may see the name of the list box inside the box. Just ignore it. It will not appear in the run mode.
Name the form frmMain.The CAPTION property of the form is Display and List. Now you are ready to copy to paste the code, below:
Make a form having 6 command buttons and a list box. To the left of these, leave room for the advertising display which will appear on the form rather than in an object.
The first command button name  =  cmdDisplay
caption = &Display Advertising.
The other command buttons are named and captioned as follows:
C&lear Display Advertising
S&how List
Clear every &other item in list
Clear &Remainder of List
E&xit Program

Option Explicit
' ***********************************************
' This program includes Boolean variable,
' Message box, List box (AddItem, RemoveItem,
' Clear every other item, Clear List Box),
' Form (Print, clear form background)
' Unload Form (Unload Me), not End.
' Copyright The HiTMilL /October 14, 1999/vb6
' ***********************************************
Private blnDisplayed As Boolean 'Default value is false;
' This is the display-check variable, as boolean
Dim Entry, I, Msg 'Declare variables
Private Sub cmdClear_Click()
   If blnDisplayed Then    ' if there is a display on the form background
     frmMain.Cls    ' clear form background
    blnDisplayed = False    'resets the display-check variable to false
  End If
End Sub
Private Sub cmdClearHalf_Click()
  Msg = "Choose OK to remove every other entry."
  MsgBox Msg    ' Display message.
  For I = 1 To 50    ' There will be 50 items removed, index renews itself
    lstBox.RemoveItem I    ' removes every other
  Next I    ' item.
End Sub
Private Sub cmdClearRemainder_Click()
  Msg = "Choose OK to remove all items from the list box."
  MsgBox Msg    ' Display message.
  lstBox.Clear    ' Clear list box.
End Sub
Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()
  If Not blnDisplayed Then   '(if blnDisplayed is still false, then..)
    frmMain.Print "Eat at Joe's"
    frmMain.Print "Eat at Paul's"
    frmMain.Print "Eat at Mike's"
    frmMain.Print "Eat at Mollie's"
    frmMain.Print "Eat at Steven's"
    frmMain.Print "Eat at DinkyDoo's"
    frmMain.Print "Eat at Stephanie's"
    blnDisplayed = True    'sets the display-check variable to true
  End If
End Sub
Private Sub cmdExit_Click()
  Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub cmdShowList_Click()
  Msg = "Choose OK to add 100 items to your list box."
  MsgBox Msg    ' Display message.
  For I = 1 To 100    ' Count from 1 to 100.
    Entry = "Entry " & I    ' Create entry.
    lstBox.AddItem Entry    ' Add the entry.
  Next I
End Sub
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