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Visual Basic 6
Default Properties

This page is a summarization of the default properties for the VB 6.0 Intrinsic Controls. Intrinsic controls are the built-in controls that you normally work with in the IDE (Integrated Development Environment, or the working area).

Each class of control (each control you normally see when you first open VB), may have only one property that is the default property. You do not have to name the property when you are working with the default property. Caption is the default property of the label. The following two statements mean the same thing:

lblEnterName.Caption = "Enter full name"
lblEnterName = "Enter full name"

Caption is the only property of the label control that does not have to be named, since the Caption is the default property of the label control. For clarity, students should also name the default property rather than omitting it. Use the first line code (above) for the label, not the second line which is not as clear.  The following table summarizes default properties of the intrinsic controls for Visual Basic 6.0.

Remember: it is important for programming students to get used to naming each property and is especially important for clarity to other programmers if you name each property of an object and do not omit the name of the "default" property.

Check box Value
Combo box Text
Command Button Value
Frame Caption
Horizontal Scroll Bar Value
Image Picture
Label Caption
Line Visible
List Box Text
Menu Enabled
Option button Value
Picture box Picture
Shape Shape
Text box Text
Timer Enabled
Vertical Scroll Bar Value

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