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Advanced Visual Basic 6 Developer Topics

Intermediate and Advanced Visual Basic Programming

Intermediate and advanced Visual Basic 6.0 topics include user controls, papers, VBA, ADO, ActiveX, and the Win32API.  [Visual Basic 6.0 Index

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Visual Basic 6.0
VB at Microsoft:

Advanced Programmers:
.NET Framework


A recent problem with ADO links on the Web is the diminishing number of sites keeping good archives of VB6 code and ADO support information. What I have found helpful about ADO is located in the printed Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Programmer's Guide, Chapter 7, beginning on page 233 through 238, too extensive to quote here. This book has a copyright of 1998 and an ISBN number of 1-57231-873-2. In the meantime, if you still want to code in VB6, don't part with your VB6 Textbooks, hang on to a copy of Internet Explorer 5.5.x, keep your old Windows 98 box and Office 98 or 2000. Get disk copies of your Visual Studio 6 Service Packs, SP5 especially. Lastly, make sure that you have the version of the mdac.exe that ships with vb6 professional and studio 6 professional, probably in a folder named "enu". Do a CD search for the mdac.exe until you find it on one of your disks. It's a Microsoft Data Access Control file.
The ADO Data Control uses Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to quickly create connections between data-bound controls and data providers. Data-bround controls are controls that feature a DataSource property. Data providers can be any source written to the OLE DB specification. You can create your own data provider using VB's class module.
The ADO Data Control is a graphic control having Back and Forward buttons and an easy to use inferface which allows you to create database applications with a minimum of code.
Data-bound controls from the VB6 IDE Toolbox include the CheckBox, ComboBox, Image, Label, ListBox, PictureBox and TextBox controls. Outside of the Toolbox but in VB6 are the DataGrid, DataCombo, Chart, and DataList controls. Data-bound controls can also be created or purchased from a vendor.
Active X Controls at DeveloperFusion.co.uk


The New Internet Explorer Version 7.0.5 Beta 2

Anyone else out here trying the beta version of IE7? I can edit one Web page at a time using the Page View Source but cannot open a second instance of IE and do a Google search or the second instance browser freezes up and offers to send in an error report. I can only have one copy at a time open of the browser. Even at that, when I tried to perform an MSDN search at Microsoft using the Beta Preview IE 7, the browser froze up again, and nothing else was open... I found it much slower than Firefox. Anyone else want to comment here... See the Contact link at the bottom of the page and send me your experience...(CG March 25, 2006). Caio. [I shall uninstall the Beta Preview, install an older previous version of IE, and will try to duplicate the error in case the problem is caused by my own client system, XP Professional].

General Advanced VB Resources

What is DLL Hell?
DLL Hell, The inside story
Gary Beene's Information Centers (include VB)
Gary Beene's VB6 Information Center
Visual Basic 6 books at Amazon
VB6 Training in the U.K.
Aivosto VBShop - The Visual Basic Shop
Tools, tips and articles for VB programmers.
Download Project Analyzer and check your code!
Planet Source Code CD's available, confirm your email  (someone played with the BACK button at this Web site... ugh!
Free information for the advanced Visual Basic developer. Established April, 1996, it is a site by a developer written for developers. It assumes you already know about ActiveX, the Win32 API, object-orientation, and hopefully have a few years of VB programming under your belt.
About Carl Franklin, a VB Developer
Getting Off To A Good Start by Carl Franklin
Carl Franklin Publications
Carl Franklin .NET Wonk blog page
Visual Basic World Planet Source Code
VB Xtras Tools for serious vb developers
O'Reilly: Paul Lomax's Top 15 Tips and Tricks
VBWM.Com=Visual Basic Web Magazine Job sources, articles, resources, links, newsgroups, tips and tricks, and more!


Component Object Model (COM) Technologies

A family of Microsoft proprietary technologies including COM+, Distributed COM (DCOM), and ActiveX...
My Microsoft links were giving me 404 errors so I have eliminated the erroneous links about DCOM and COM+.
You can try a search at Microsoft... Grandma, here, just wants Microsoft to still support their older technologies by keeping older links archived. ;)
Visual Studio 2005/.NET2 Update Information from Desaware.com
Desaware COM Articles RE: VB6.0

Source Code

Be sure to submit any of your VB6 source code to the webmaster and we will link to that VB6 code site. Also if you know of existing vb6 code archives, please send along the URL. If the code is your own, tell me a little about it please.
abstractVB.com's code archives site map
Visual Basic Web Directory
Available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Categorical Directory of Topics: Source Code and Files, Tutorials and How Tos, Tips and Tricks, VB for Beginners, VB Downloads and Vendors, ActiveX and ADO, VB Script Resources, Internet Programming, VBA, The VB Websites List, Visual Basic Information, Certification and Training, VB Jobs and Career, VB Community (Searchable forums, newsgroups, user groups), Developer Resources, Microsoft VB Resources, Visual Basic Help Sites, VB Game Programming, Visual Basic for WinCE, VB Consultants. Bookstore.
One Stop Source Shop
Karl E. Peterson's site. Author is Microsoft MVP. Many, many samples of source code which are not to be redistributed as source. API Breakdown of VB Samples of his site, Tools, Controls, and more. Author has monthly column in VBJ.
VBNet Developers Resource Centre
A VB source code site.
The Common Controls Replacement Project (CCRP)
The Access Web
A site for Microsoft Access developers



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