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Visual Basic Developer Resources

Resources for the dedicated Visual Basic programmer.

Upgrading VB6 projects to VB.NET
Tutorials: Creating Active Server Pages
Package and Deployment Wizard -- bundling your program
The Scarms Visual Basic Code Library
VB Courses and Events from SolutionCentral.Com
This is a new page by Solution Central to display a current listing of all of their VB related courses and events, expert RoundTables, and Knowledge Bank questions and answers. There is also a comprehensive Resource section that contains links to several VB related sites. (Link added 6/21/00)
VB Bookmark.Com
News, events, search site, order:books, magazines, free stuff, CDs, Hardware; links for developers.

Zombie Head's Visual Basic Examples
If you like VB you will like these downloadable .execs. Surf this site and enjoy all of the code and UI examples.
The Visual Basic Web Directory
Resources, Tutorials, Freeware and Shareware, Software Store, Books, News and Announcements, Jobs, Vendors, and much, much more. You need to visit this site just to see the topics too numerous to list.
Visual Basic Home Page at Microsoft

Visual Basic Directories

@ewnet.com "The programming portal"
Cetus-Links.Org VB Resources
Cetus-Links catalogs sites related to Object-Oriented Language and Development



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