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Hungarian Notation

A Hungarian computer scientist named Charles Simonyi (working for Xerox Parc at the time) developed the Naming Convention known as Hungarian Notation. It was used for loosely typed version of Visual Basic. I was taught to use it when I took a VB6 course. HG was not practical for VB.NET, so under the related links, below, I link to information on Programming Standards and Naming Conventions for those of you using VB.NET. I still like Hungarian notation for VB6 programming.
Hungarian Notation in the chart below is a Visual Basic object-naming reference for Visual Basic 6.0. Microsoft recommends not using HG for Visual Basic.NET.  See Also: Related Links
http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/techart/hunganotat.htm  for further information.
Check Boxes chk
Combo Box cbo
Command Button cmd
Common Dialog Control dlg
Data dat
Form frm
Frame fra
Grid grd
Image img
Label lbl
List Box lst
Menu mnu
Option Button opt
Picture pic
Shape shp
Text Box txt
Timer tmr
Boolean bln
Currency cur
Double dbl
Date and Time dtm
Integer int
Long lng
Single sng
String str
Variant var

Check box: chkChoices
Command Button: cmdShowList
Label: lblAuthor
Text box: txtFirstName
Boolean variable: blnDisplayed
String variable: strAddress
Image: imgLogo
Integer: intYrGraduated
Option button: optBuick
Timer: tmrMove



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