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Free Online JavaScript Tutorials:
JavaScript for Web Pages and
Client-Side Web Coding

This page offers free online JavaScript tutorials and is a primary JavaScript site for students and developers with special emphasis on learning to implement JavaScript for Web pages, or precisely JavaScript for client-side Web code; tutorials, tips and resources are included along with code examples for students. We recommended some prior knowledge of HTML markup language prior to learning JavaScript since many of the code examples are actual Web page applications of JavaScript client-side programming and ASP (Active Server Pages technology). Do not confuse JavaScript with Java. JavaScript is mainly used for scripting Web Page code whereas Java is actually an object-oriented high-level computer programming language with which programmers are able to write other computer application programs.

This is a site meant to give you some immediate solutions without having to study JavaScript for 6 months or better.

A jQuery Page is being developed.

Test your JavaScript in more than one brand of browser. I also test code with Firefox and with Amaya editor/browser at http://www.w3c.org/ after editing while using Internet Explorer. Two or three browsers should be installed and placed on your desktop while coding and testing JavaScript.

Google the "JavaScript object model" and/or the newer technology of JQuery if you are developing a Web page or Blog and need themes, widgets, AJAX, documents for devices, etc..

Mike Murach and Associates, Book Publisher at Murach.com has recently released a new book about "JavaScript and jQuery".

Those of you trying to edit HTML or JavaScript on the Mac with a Text Editor and FTP, take a look at Coda and Transmit.


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Scripts for Students


JavaScript References

Nic's JavaScript Page
JavaScript Language Reference (usda.gov)
JavvaScriptLanguage Reference (openloop.com)
Client-side JavaScript Reference (a book)
Macromedia JavaScript Guide
JavaScript Guide (version 1.1)
DHTML Introduction
JavaScript Guide for version 3 Web browsers; very old guide.
Microsoft's Web Workshop has merged with the MSDN Library but there is a list of subjects here, previously in the Web Workshop. (Leave it to Microsoft to keep getting rid of great info. sites and merging info., changing URLs, eventually tossing good info. off their site, no longer supporting older software nor older technologies. Archives would be better than dropping support.)
Appendix A JavaScript Language Reference
JavaScript Language Reference (computerbytesman.com)
HotRAD JavaScript Language Reference

History of JavaScript

A Brief History of JavaScript



Additional Scripting Languages/References


JavaScript Code Examples


More JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript Tutorial (brown.edu)
JavaScript Tutorial (w3schools.com)
JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers (wdvl.com)
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer (webteacher.com)
JavaScript Tutorial (webdeveloper.com)
JavaScript Primer  (htmlgoodies.com)
List of Beginning JavaScript Tutorials (pageresource.com)
JavaScript Tutorial (iboost.com)
Get Help With JavaScript (DevX.com)
JavaScript Programming for beginners (home.att.net/~baldwin.dick)
The JavaScript Forum
Good site for beginners
Netpedia ECMAScript Tutorial
Interactive JavaScript Programming (arachnoid.com)
JavaScript programming and interactive Web pages (cpcug.org)
The JavaScript Primers (HTMLGoodies.Com)
JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners (umuc.edu)
Dynamic-it.com is currently under reconstruction, but check it out!
JavaScript Tutorial (echo-echo.com)
HTML , JavaScript, Applets, CGI,Graphics, and more.
WA's Ultimate JavaScript Tutorial (kehsl.hsd.org)
"If you really want to learn JavaScript, this is the place to be."
Using JavaScript to Control Forms, Part I (webdevelopersjournal.com)
JavaScript Tutorial
Animated Introduction to the Document Object Model (Webcoder.com archives)
Guide to JavaScript J(avaScript Guide.Com)
JavaScript Tutorial at WebDeveloper.com< (webdeveloper.com)BR> WebMonkey JavaScript Tutorial
(From HotWired.Com)
JavaScript Tutorial For Programmers (infozine.com)
Advanced JavaScript
JavaScript Object Oriented Programming, Part 1 (webmasterbase.com)
JavaScript Object Oriented Programming, Part 2 (webmasterbase.com)
The Document Object Model Dissected (WDVL.com)
JavaScript Programming: Debugging (webdeveloper.com)
JavaScript Objects (projectcool.com)
irt.org JavaScript Object Knowledge Base (developer.irt.org)
JavaScript Objects and Operators (hansenmedia.com)
Creating and Using JavaScript Objects (www- 105.ibm.com)
Using JavaScript's Built-In Objects (javaworld.com)
Objects As Associative Arrays (xs4all.nl)
Building JavaScript Objects (inquiry.com)


Directories and JavaScript Code Archives

WDVL (WebDeveloper.com)
JavaScript at Cetus Links.Org
This is Nick Heinle's web site.
Script collection, news, tutorials, tips, and more.
JavaScript Directories and Archives
JavaScript Directory
JavaScript Forum
JavaScript World


Additional Script Resources

Scriptorium (Webcoder.com archives)
REAL's JavaScript How To
Doc JavaScript (webreference.com)
Doc JavaScript
At WebReference.Com
Ask the JavaScript Pro
at Inquiry.Com
JavaScript World
(Advanced Web Development Source
JavaScript Destination
Scripts, examples,
CoolNerd's JavaScript Examples
Site of Mona M. Everett, Ph.D.
Has JavaScript link here.
Web Programming and Scripting (Builder.Com)
The JavaScript Planet
The JavaScript Source


Client-Side Scripting



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