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While taking any JavaScript class, feel free to review your HTML or hexidecimal color codes. JavaScript is one of the technologies of Dynamic HTML. It is also used with Active Server Pages technology, also known as ASP, for client-side scripting on Web pages.
See the JavaScript-scripted animated butterflies at the DHTML site. When visiting this page, move the vertical scroll bar up and down and notice how the butterflies stay within the window object. (The JavaScript script used the browser window as its object.) This same "butterfly" page also has a JavaScript time clock showing hours, minutes, and seconds.
Find resources in a search engine about the "JavaScript object model". Keep two or three different brands of browsers on your desktop for checking your code in different browsers.

JavaScript is different than Java. Java applets are small Java programs and can be used on Web Pages. I uploaded two applets, a rain applet, and a snow applet, just to show you what an applet can do. Move your cursor over the raindrops in the banner rain applet and make your own "ripples". Watch the direction of the snow fall in the snow applet to see the snow change directions. I was able to import a banner image of my own design as a link in the code of the applets. The action of the rain or the snow is programmed into the Java applet so that the applet is superimposed over my own banner image.

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