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JavaScript, Comprehensive, 2nd Edition  by Gosselin, Dec.10, 2001
Internet Programming with VBScript and JavaScript  by Kalata; Dec.15, 2000
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Professional JavaScript
By Chiarelli, Andrea; De Carli, James; Li, Sing; McFarlane, Nigel, el. al; WROX press; Sept 99; 1200 pages; $49.99US; Read about book at booksite; ISBN 186100270x.
JavaScript Essentials
by Jason J. Manger
The definitive guide for developing interactive HTML applications using JavaScript
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$32.95; 541 pages, softcover; ISBN 0-07-882234-3
Sam's Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours
Michael Moncur; $19.99 List; Feb. 1999;
ISBN 0-672-31407-x ; (This book would be improved with more coding examples to follow along with the discussion. Very difficult to learn by only talking about it and not providing enough examples)
Sample JavaScripts from JavaScript for the World Wide Web
JavaScript for the World Wide Web, Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd Ed.
by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith; Peachpit Press; (Learn JavaScript step-by-step; much added since the 2nd Edition; worth checking out.) $17.99; Pub. 6/99, Peachpit Press; ISBN 0-201-35463-2.
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JavaScript and the Web

Designing With JavaScript, Creating Dynamic Web Pages
CD ROM edition; Nick Heinle; O'Reilly; 1st edition 1997; $29.95 List; ISBN 1-56592-300-6
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JavaScript Advanced:Visual QuickPro Guide
0-201-35425-x; $24.99 List; (Early orders $19.99); 400 pages; Available in February 2000.
JavaScript Goodies
Joe Burns,PhD.; QUE; June 1999; $19.99; ISBN 0789720248
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JavaScript Essentials
by Jason J. Manger
The definitive guide for developing interactive HTML applications using JavaScript
ISBN: 0-07-882234-3; #32.95 List; 541 pages; free downloadable code at booksite -- same code that is on the floppy disk which comes with the book;
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JavaScript Application Cookbook
A book for Webmasters needing client-side JavaScript scripts.
By Jerry Bradenbaugh; 1st ed. September 1999; $34.95 List; O'Reilly; ISBN 1-56592-577-7.
JavaScript Complete
by Steven Holzner, 1998; CD-ROM; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-07-913736-9; $44.95 List; 800 pages; softcover.
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JavaScript References

Dynamic HTML, The Definitive Reference
Danny Goodman; A comprehensive resource for HTML 4.0, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript; O'Reilly; July 1998; ISBN 1-56592-494-0; List $39.95.
JavaScript, The Definitive Guide, 4th Ed.
By David Flanagan; $44.95 List; ISBN 0-596-00048-0; November 2001.(See full description).
Mastering JavaScript Premium Edition
By James Jaworski; October 2001; ISBN: 0-7821-2819-X ; Sybex; $49.99; 1136 pages, softcover, 7.5 inches x 9 inches.
Special Edition Using JavaScript
by Paul McFedries; June 19, 2001; Que; ISBN 0789725762; 912 pages; $35.99
JavaScript Bible, 4th Ed.
Danny Goodman;Hungry Minds; Pub.4/2001;
ISBN 0-7645-3342-8: $49.99.
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The Joy of JavaScript
A companion site for: JavaScript for the World Wide Web, A Visual QuickStart Guide
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