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Java for Students

Java for Students is a beginner's page for students new to Java programming. There are tutorials, primers, Java books, articles, newsletters, Java newsgroups listed and much more, including where to find Java applets for the Web.

Java is a full object oriented programming language. You can do anything with Java that you can do with a program such a COBOL or C or C++. Java is cleaner and easier to use. Practically everything in Java is either a class, method, or object. Java programs are compiled to a byte code format that can be run by interpreters on many platforms including Windows operating systems, Solaris, Macintosh systems, etc. The code can be executed in a safe environment that prevents it from introducing viruses, deleting or modifying files, or otherwise destroying data or crashing system operation.
The "Just in Time" (JIT) compiler allows Java to be compiled "on the fly", thus compiling as fast as C++. Because Java is multithreaded, the program can have many things compiling independently at the same time, and continuously.

Now, just sit back, and surf to the Java Primers and Tutorials page... or follow any of the links below.

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