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Java Applets: Where to Find Applets

Adding Java Technology-Enabled Applets to Your Web Page
An applet tutorial for those knowledgeable with HTML code (better with a simple text editor than with a HTML editor); this is a java.sun.com Web site.
What is a Bean? Why isn't a Bean an applet?
This article is just a small section of the Java Bean FAQ at Java.Sun.Com.
Floating Applet
by Greg Travis for Earthweb; how to make your applets floatable; allowing users to get the Web page away from the clutter of the desktop.
Applets (java.sun.com)
The Source for Java Technology at java.sun.com Web page includes link to instructions about the <applet> tag. Many applet links and resources here...
This link is to the master list of Java Applets which are available at Codebrain.com. Check out the home page also to see the wide range of technologies covered at this site. Source code is listed for a lot more than just Java.
FreewareJava.Com (Directory of Java links)
Has over 700 applets and source code in many categories, languages, technologies
Freebie Applets You Can Use
A java.sun.com Web site; Banner, animated logo, quote (see this description), glossary, analog display clock.
Intel Web Applets
photo album II, 3D photo cube, 3D text, and image carousel. Click on any applet name to go that applets home page where you can view a demo. of the applet in action. Instructions are included.
The number one Java review service and includes code resources for Java, Java Beans, JavaScript, DHTML, Perl, XML, VRML, Enterprise Beans, Flash, ActiveX, and "Other". The Java resources are arranged categorically for your surfing pleasure...
Java Boutique
Applets categories are well organized. Also features applications and servelets.
Free Java Applets; many links to web resources on a variety of topics. Click on the site map for easier navigation
JavaShareware promotes Java through sharing resources and has created the most comprehensive Java site that includes Java Applications, Applets, Classes, Servlets, Beans, Development Tools and hundreds of other Java™ projects!
The list of applets here has grown in the last 6 months. The applet link will lead you to a list of applets and you may click on applets for the JDK 1.02 or the JDK 1.1x. There is also a French version for this Web site. Check for permissions.
Anfy Java Home Page
Applets for special effects and navigational purposes. Anfy wizard is shareware and download requires a $20.00 one time registration fee. There are 40 or more applets at this site. Better if you read about the shareware yourself to understand about the registration and such. (Multiple language site.)
The Applet Depot
Free applets, News, Custom work, Demos, Source. A site for developers. Some of these applets are copyrighted. Get permission from Eric Harshbarger before using any. Eric maintained the Cafe del Sol site before it closed.
The Javarama Gallery
at the Java Centre; Pick a category: this is a growing archive of Java applets. Site includes alphabetical index of UK Developers, A to Z.
Sunbella's Free Java Applets
More than 300 free java applets, all in zip format, have a look and add your site and have fun!
Subrahmanyam's Java Resources
Includes a few free applets
Sirius' Java Applets
Free Java Applets ( 4 ), Books, Games…
Donna's Retreat
Water applets, lake applet tutorial
Angel applet
angels relected in water
Java Applets




You may use AltaVista to search for an applet by a particular name if you already know the name of the applet. Use quotation marks around the applet name on the search line.

You may want to check the meta-search information in the Search Engines article and try a Meta-Search for a particular applet name if you know the name of the applet you are searching for.



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