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C# Programming

You all know by now that C# kicks, and that there are several sites by the name of C# kicks, but this is not one of them... this is a site for those of you from the skill levels of beginner, to the advanced C# developer. This site has annotated C# resources for C# programmers; including links to courses, chats, C# articles, C# white papers, C# books,e-books, discussions, C# newsgroups, articles, C# whitepapers, products, C# tools, code examples, and the topic of C# and Web Services. Have fun.

Featured Sites:
vcskicks.com, C# Kicks! (the real Kicks Site) Find Code
MSDN Chats
We would carry more Microsoft links if they didn't like to mess with their URLS so often...better to go there and search it out... or go Perl, Unix, Apache. :)
Apache Server Resources


C# Primary Sites

The Code Project Whitepapers and code examples by category. Good code resource.
Visual C# Kicks
DeveloperFusion (C# Directory: U.K. Developer Community)
C# Corner
C# developers network: code, downloads, discussions,...
C# Help
Help for C# Developers
Creating Designable Components for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Designers
An introduction to using components in C# development. (July 2000 by Shawn Burke, Microsoft Corp.)
C# Station
DevX Resources
C# Friends See whitepapers, a class- "browser" reference, and more... by Salman Ahmed.
Lutz Roeder's Programming .NET
Tools and source code examples. Reflector assembly browser, Resourcer, Digger. Also applications and source code.
Code Hound C# Search Engine
C# Notebook Notebooks, Bookstore, Code, .dll tutorial,..much more
CSharpHelp.Com The place for C# developers.
Peter Drayton's .NET Goodies
C# Utilities & samples with code.


Code Examples

DevDistrict.com Good code examples, programs.
A Comparative Overview of C# (Genamics.Com)
C# Developer's Search Engine at Code Hound
The Code Project (code, tutorials for developers)
A Drawing Canvas in C# by Bill Burris (ComponentsNotebook.com)


C# References


C# Resource Directories

Cetus-Links C# Directory
John Smiley's C# page (created July 1, 2000)
Joe Mayo's website; Purpose: Source of information, links, and other resources for the C# programming language.


C# Tutorials

Boxing and Performance by Eric Gunnerson for Microsoft, MSDN.
Compilation and Runtime Execution of a C-Sharp Program by Sudhakar Jalli for c-sharpcorner.com
CSharp Station Tutorials
C# FAQ for C++ Developers (by Andy McMullen)
How to Compile C# Programs and Compiler Switches by Saurabh Nandu for dotnet101.com
Introduction to C# (SimonRobinson.Com)
Jon Jagger's C# slides now available for free download at Jaggersoft.com
Jon Jagger recently delivered 200+ slides on C# in two presentations at a UK conference in Oxford. He has put the slides on his website (free download, recently updated in line with Beta-2)
Online slides and notes for a 5-day course Programming in C# by Jon Jagger
Learn-C-Sharp.Com Tutorials&
Learning C# (ManagedWorld.Com)
Preview of C# (FindTutorials.Com)
Serializing Objects in C#
The C# Tutorial list at FindTutorials.Com
Tutorial list for C# topics (CSharpFree.Com)
(Click on Tutorials)

Discussions & Newsgroups

C# Message Board Read instructions at the Message Board home page (next link).
Message Boards (gotdotnet.com)
Go to news://msnews.microsoft.com/microsoft.public.dotnet.csharp.general to reach microsoft.public.dotnet.dotnet.csharp.general newsgroup.
See the Web interface.
The DevX List: newsgroups and discussion forum


C# E-Books, Online Books


C# Whitepapers, C# Articles

Deep Inside C#: An Interview with Microsoft Chief Architect Anders Hejlsberg by John Osborn of O'Reilly.com; August 01, 2000
Keep Your Data Secure With the New Advanced Encryption Standard (James McCaffrey, November 2003)
C# For Beginners
What .NET Means to IT Professionals
Handling Exceptions in C#
Jose Aniceto (suite101.com); Pub: June 25, 2002
Build Web Commerce Apps With C# (DevX)
Web Services - Part I - The Basics (dotNET101.com)
Using XML To Document C# Code (mantrotech.com/technology/)
Operator Overloading article Eric Gunnerson (Microsoft) June 20, 2001
Sharp New Language: C# Offers the Power of C++ and Simplicity of Visual Basic by Joshua Trupin
This article at Microsoft.Com assumes you’re familiar with C++ and COM+
C#: A Message Queuing Service Application (Carl Nolan, Microsoft Corp.)
ECMA C# Language Specification
Enumerating Objects With .NET
(Jeffrey Richter, Developer.com)
C#: A Message Queuing Application (Carl Nolan, Microsoft Corp.)


External Archives of C# Articles


Brief C# History Note

C#, a Java-like programming language, was submitted by Microsoft to the ECMA standards group in mid-2000. On July 11, 2000 Microsoft had a press release announcing the .NET Framework to unite programming languages for Web-based uses.
(This C# Directory began as the first C# Web site on the Internet, and has evolved as more information and references for developers has become available.



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