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Murach's ASP.NET 2008 Web

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Murach’s ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with C# 2008 Mike Murach and Associates has just published a 3.5 edition of their best-selling ASP.NET book, now entitled Murach’s ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with C# 2008. As its title implies, this book presents all of the best new 3.5 features, including the ListView and DataPager controls that allow for complex data handling, LINQ data sources for accessing data using C# constructs, new tools for working with cascading style sheets (CSS), and an introduction to ASP.NET AJAX that shows how it can improve the performance of web applications. But beyond that, this book has several features that make it different from other ASP.NET 3.5 books.
  1. There’s a 7-chapter section on database programming That’s two more chapters than in the previous edition because .NET continues to deliver new, powerful tools for this critical component of business applications. So this section still teaches the basics of database programming using SQL data sources and controls like GridView. But it also shows how to use the versatile new ListView control in conjunction with the new DataPager control. It shows how to use LINQ data sources, also new in 3.5, to access SQL Server data using the Object Relational Designer and the LinqDataSource control. And it has expanded material on how to use object data sources to create 3-layer applications with custom business and data access classes.
  2. It teaches development the way it should be done today, using Visual Studio The 1.x edition of this book was one of the first to teach web development using Visual Studio instead of tools like Notepad. Today, no developer should miss out on the productivity features of Visual Studio. So they’re integrated throughout this book, rather than being relegated to just a chapter or two at the beginning.
  3. Complete applications show how all the pieces interact The key to mastering web development is to have plenty of applications that show how the features you’re learning interact and what problems you might run into as you build a web site. So this book shows complete applications, including the web forms, the aspx code, and the C# code. These can be downloaded for free from the Murach web site, so developers can experiment with them on their own.
  4. The paired-pages format lets developers set their own pace Murach books have a distinctive format. Each two-page spread presents a single topic: the lefthand page explains the topic, while the righthand page shows the critical details, using syntax, code, screen shots, and how-to notes. Beginners find that this format breaks the material down into manageable bites. Experienced developers find that they can pick up information that’s new or interesting just by paging through. And developers at any level can easily pinpoint the details they need when they’re using the book as a reference.
Murach’s ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with C# 2008 is available directly from the publisher at www.murach.com and from all major retail outlets. A VB edition of this book is also available.
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Murach's C# 2008

Just published: Murach’s C# 2008
Mike Murach and Associates has just published a 2008 edition of their core C# book, Murach's C# 2008. It teaches how to develop Windows forms applications for business the way the best professionals do. To do that, it incorporates the features that have made earlier editions such popular choices among developers.
  1. #1: It focuses on the essential skills that C# developers need every day That may sound obvious. But too often, critical skills are glossed over or ignored in C# training. So as this book teaches how to use Visual Studio 2008 and C# 2008 to create business applications, it covers the skills that developers need most on the job. That includes skills like how to validate input data, how to work with different data types, how to use arrays and collections, how to do structured exception handling, and how to read and write text, binary, and XML files.
  2. #2: The OOP section deals with business objects, not cats and dogs Many books explain object-oriented programming by using examples that are meant to be easily understood, like illustrating objects by creating animal classes such as mammals, cats, and dogs. However, the analogy breaks down as developers try to figure out how to apply it to business applications. So this book presents business objects like customers, invoices, and products to show how OOP is applied in the real world. Likewise, it explains critical concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces within the context of business applications so there's no confusion.
  3. #3: There's a 4-chapter section on database programming Because database handling is so critical in business applications, this book presents more coverage than is usual in introductory texts. To begin, it teaches how to prototype database applications using rapid application development tools like the data sources feature, datasets, and bound controls. But beyond that, it shows developers how to start using ADO.NET to work directly with databases for more processing control than the RAD tools offer.
  4. #4: It provides practical coverage of new features, especially LINQ LINQ is the big news in C# 2008. Using constructs that are built into the C# language, developers can now use the same language to access a variety of data sources from their applications, from databases to arrays to XML files. The introductory chapter on LINQ in this book gives you a practical overview that will prepare you for more in-depth LINQ training.
Murach’s C# 2008 is available directly from the publisher at www.murach.com and from all major retail outlets.
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C# Program & Progress by Shanbedi An excellent Microsoft .NET book is published. The Programming book in CSHARP(C# .NET) is designed for students with no knowledge or has little knowledge of dot-NET programming. The book starts from beginning and reaches advanced features. Many educational institutions are now using this book as their class textbook. Available: Ingram distributors, Baker & Taylor distibutor, Visit: Amazon.com
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The C# Programming Language by Anders Hejlsberg; Hardcover: 432 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.48 x 9.48 x 7.68 Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; 1st edition (October 24, 2003) ISBN: 0321154916
SoftSteel.com's C# Book List
Free C# e-book at informIT.com:  C# Programming...  Newly updated for version 1.1 of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET 2003... Click on the Online books tab, then navigate to the 4th or 5th page of the online book section.
Learn to Program With C# Author(s): John Smiley; ISBN: 0072222611;
Softcover, 610 pages; April 23, 2002; $39.99 US
Microsoft Visual C# .NET Step-by-Step Jon Jagger & John Sharp;ISBN: 0-7356-1289-7;
656 pages; CD disk; $39.99 U.S.; January 2002.
Microsoft Press Development Tools
Select a development book from this list at Microsoft Press.

C# Programmer's Reference
April 2002; 550 pages; by Grant Palmer; ISBN 1861006306; $34.99 from Wrox.
Programming C#, 2nd Edition O'Reilly;
by Jesse Liberty; $39.95 at O'Reilly; ISBN:0-596-00309-9; 648 pages
C# Essentials O'Reilly; January 2001;
by Ben Albahari, Peter Drayton, Brad Merrill; Paperback; 213 pages.
.NET Framework Essentials  By Thuan L. Thai, Hoang Lam;
Second Edition February 2002; ISBN: 0-596-00302-1; 320 pages, $29.95 US
Professional C#, 2nd Edition Simon Robinson, et. al.
ISBN 1861007043; $59.99 at Wrox; March 2002;
The .NET Languages: A Quick Translation Guide by Brian Bischof
$20.97 at Amazon.com
Programming Windows with C# by Charles Petzold
$41.99 at Amazon.com.
C# Programming With the Public Beta
 by Burton Harvey, Simon Robinson, Jualian Templeman, Karli Watson.
Purchase at Amazon.com
A Programmer's Introduction to C# (this is the APRESS publishing book site)
by Eric Gunnerson, the test lead for and member of Microsoft's C# design team.
C# and the .NET Platform by Andrew Troelsen
$41.97 at Amazon.com.
Inside C# $34.99 at Wrox, includes CD-ROM;
by Tom Archer.
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