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We researched the advice about C++ books in newsgroups and asked developers about "What is a Good C++ Book?". I also checked with educators to find out about C++ books for beginners. If you have additional comments or links please feel free to send them: webmaster@hitmill.com.   Cheers!
Books by Bjarne Stroustrup
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Beginning C++

Teach Yourself C++, 6th Edition  by Al Stevens
Published by IDG Books Worldwide (now Wiley.com),2000. ISBN 0-7645-4634-1.
C++ in Plain English, 3rd Edition by Brian Overland
copyright 1999 IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN 0-7645-3545-5.
Deitel, Harvey M. and Deitel, Paul J. Prentice-Hall, August 2000.  C++ How to Program, Third Edition. ISBN 0130895717.

How's and Why's of C++

Ruminations on C++
by Andrew Koenig of ATT&T Labs Research; Addison-Wesley, 1997. ISBN 0-201-42339-1.
"This book concentrates on the key C++ ideas and programming techniques--skimming the cream--to let its readers understand the ``why'' and not just the ``how'' of C++ programming. Intermediate C++ programmers will find solid fodder here, yet even experts need not fear overgrazing: they will find something worth chewing on in every chapter. "

C++ Reference Books

The C++ Standard Libary - A Tutorial and Reference by Nicolai M. Josuttis. Published by Addison-Wesley, 1999. ISBN 0-201-37926-0.
At Addison Wesley
At Barnes and Noble

Microsoft C++ 6.0 Programmer's Guide by Beck Zaratian
Microsoft Press; copyright 1998 by Beck Zaratian. ISBN 1-57231-866-x.
Mumit's STL Newbie guide

C++ Textbooks

Absolute C++ by Walter Savitch; Addison-Wesley, First Edition. ISBN: 0-201-70927-9;
Sonoma State University and University of California at Berkeley are using this textbook. I purchased a copy while on campus at Cotati and am quite pleased to learn about namespaces, vectors, virtual functions, exception handling, inheritance, UML, and more. Hopefully more colleges and universities will begin using this text. ~C.Gribble, Webmaster, hitmill.com
Lippman, Stanley B., and Josee Lajoie. C++ Primer. Third Edition
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1998. ISBN 0-201-82740-1.
Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials, 3rd Edition by Kay Horstmann.
Wiley Publishers, copyright 2003. ISBN 0-471-16437-2. This textbook assumes no previous knowledge of programming, which is ideal for introductory programming classes. Students with prior programming experience may want to go at a faster pace than this introductory programming textbook. This is an ideal textbook for a one semester "Introduction to Programming" class at a College or University for students not having prior programming experience.
Learn to Program with C++ by Professor John Smiley of JohnSmiley.com. ISBN: 0072-225-351 ; Pre-publication announcement. Watch for book news at www.johnsmiley.com.

Online C++ Books

Introduction to OOP Using C++ by Petter Muller. OOPWeb.com online book. This book assumes no previous programming experience.
Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel
Free electronic book: Volume I and Volume II
Includes information about Win32 Compilers
C++ in Action - Industrial Strength Programming Techniques by Bartosz Milewski. Apply modern C++ to Windows programming. Transition to Industrial Strength Programming and write programs for programmers, not computers. Advanced level of programming in C++.

Advanced C++

Exceptional C++
Exceptional C++ by Herb Sutter is the second book in Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ In Depth series, and includes a foreword by Scott Meyers. Contents: Exceptional C++ contains 47 Items organized into eight major sections, described at this Web site.
Free C/C++ Libraries and Source Code
Lippman, Stanley B. Inside The C++ Object Model. Addison-Wesley, 1996. ISBN 0-201-83454-5.
Stroustrup, Bjarne. The C++ Programming Language. Third Edition. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1997. ISBN 0-201-88954-4.
Stroustrup, Bjarne. The Design and Evolution of C++. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1994. ISBN 0-201-54330-3.
Alexandrescu, Andrei. Modern C++ Design. Addison-Wesley, 2001. ISBN 0-201-70431-5. Lakos, John. Large-Scale C++ Software Design. Addison-Wesley, 1996. ISBN 0-201-63362-0.


Visual C++.NET - Your visual blueprint for programming on the .NET platform by Jeff Cogswell
ISBN: 0-7645-3644-3

.NET Framework

Understanding the .NET Framework Simon Robinson et. al.,
Wrox, May 2002. ISBN 1861007094.
Professional .NET Framework by Jeffrey Hasan et. al.,
Wrox, September 2001. ISBN 1861005563

C++ Book Advice from Newsgroups

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