C Programming

This is a collection of Web pages at this domain about the C Programming Language and includes topics such as the The History of C, Primers & Tutorials, Course Notes: Programming in C, Newsgroups, References, Books and E-zines, Additional Resources and Advanced C, and Products.

Note: Beginning C++ and C# are separate sites.


C Primers and Tutorials

Introduction to C Programming
Programming in C Tutorial
Google's C Directory
comp.lang.c FAQ
Programming in C: UNIX System Calls and Subroutines using C
Phil's C Course
C Tutorial (John Koop for About.com)
C Programming Notes
C Programming
 (Steve Holmes, 1990's)
Programming in C, A Tutorial by Brian W. Kernighan (Bell Labs)
comp.lang.c FAQ
Introduction to C Programming (DevCentral)
C Programming
by Brian Brown; this is a mirror site.
Learn C/C++ Today
Includes introduction, orgins of C/C++, tutorials, books, conclusion; by Vinit S. Carpenter
Introduction to C Programming
by Robert Miles, Electronic Engineering

Course Notes: Programming in C

C Programming
Notes from an introductory course taught by Steve Summit in the Experimental College at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. A handout called "Introduction to Programming" has additional hyperlinks such as: Skills needed in programming, Simplified programming model, Real programming model, Elements of real programming languages, Computer representation of numbers; Characters, strings and numbers, and Compiler terminology. The course is an introductory course in C programming.
ANSI C Programming
Course notes by Steve Holmes, from University of Strathclyde Computer Centre, Glasgow. Explains the dialects of C: ANSI C and Common C; Quick Overview: weight conversion table using function, using prompt, using command line argument, and Fibonacci Series using an array. Discusses using C with UNIX: Writing the File, Compiling the Program, and Running the Program. (All of this, and more, in the introductory section.) There is quite a comprehensive outline at this site.


This is the READ ME files for reading prior to posting to comp.lang.c
comp.lang.c FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Searching Newsgroups
All About Newsgroups
Newsgroup Tips
from AOL.com/netfind

References, Books and E-zines

C Programming Reference, release 1.09
C Programming Reference
ANSI C Standard Library
A Resource for Professional Developers
The UNIX Reference Desk
A Dictionary of ANSI Standard C Function Definitions
Drafts and Proposals for the ISO C Standard
The C Programming Language
Stephen G. Kochan's Programming in ANSI C
The C Answer Book
C: A Reference Manual (book)
Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele (Contributor);Prentice-Hall, 1994
ISBN 0-133-26224-3

Additional Resources and Advanced C

C Programming Resources
At NerdWorld
C Resources
Links to technical information and articles
C/C++ Sources
Focus on Cross-Platform development and cross-platform freeware and shareware; Last updated 10/98; by Victor Volkman




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