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ASP and the Internet:

Active Server Pages Tutorial

ASP and the Internet provides primers and resources for ASP Web Development, server side scripting, an introduction to Active Server Pages, VBScript for the beginner, and ASP tutorials. ASP and the Internet discusses ASP Web application and development and resources for Windows IIS webmasters and developers. The page includes resources for students new to ASP. The older technology of ASP+ has gradually evolved into the newer ASP.NET technology using Microsoft's .NET platform.



ASP is initials referring to Active Server Pages, a Microsoft technology developed in the 1990's. ASP is easy to learn and just as efficient as ISAPI, therefore it alleviates the expense and time of creating and maintaining interactive Web pages using APIs. ASP code is written into the HTML code document. It is usually written using a scripting language such as VBScript or JavaScript, although other scripting languages are also supported, if the scripting engine for that specific language is installed on the server hosting the Web pages. ASP pages have an .asp extension instead of the usual .htm or .html extension. The server-side handles the ASP code and returns the HTML and the client-side script back to the browser. The client-side (browser) handles any client side scripting and the HTML. ASP is not compiled. The ASP coding for the server-side is cross-platform for any of the browsers and the ASP tags cannot be viewed by the end-user, since only the results of the ASP code, the HTML, and the client-side scripts are returned to the browser.
ASP: What Time is It?
Notice a moment ago that I said ASP is handled by the server while the HTML is handled by the browser. This means that if you write ASP to say one sentence if it is morning but another sentence if it is afternoon, that will be the time on the server's clock, not the user's clock. To reach the user's clock you will need to use client-side scripting techniques, such as javascript, to display the time on the client machine, or to have the Web page respond to the time on the client. The JavaScript standard is called ECMA-262. The browser takes care of the client-side JavaScript that is within the HTML document so the JavaScript will reference the time on the client machine.
Again, when a script is handled by the server, it reflects the server's set system time. When the script is handled by the browser, it reflects the time set on the client's system.
Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) has an Active Scripting engine and the ASP is interpreted at run time. Now, Microsoft has also released Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, COM.NET, Visual Basic.NET, and more... Read about the .NET platform resources at the C# page.
Just as ActiveX and Java could supplement the client-side of Web documents, Server Components augment the server-side scripting of ASP.

Server-Side Basics
ASP Server-Side Include Files (SSI)
Welcome ASP Example and Code


Developer ASP.NET 3.5 Resources

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