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Search Engine Tutorials and Tools

How to Find What You Want on the Internet

Free online search tutorials teach how to search the Internet, how to search the Web and find other search engines. Learn how search engines work, and how Web rankings are made using keywords, meta tags and search algorithms. Use search engines to conveniently search cyberspace, gopherspace, anonymous FTP, newsgroups, the Web and learn how to do a meta search.
Searching The Web:
Primers and Tutorials
Compare Search Engines
Special Internet Searches
Internet Search Tools (You need to try each one below to know how it works:
Education Search, Music Search, Gopher Search, Anonymous FTP, Newsgroups, Meta-Search.
Using Search Software
List of Some Common Search Engines A few of the most popular ones are Google, Yahoo.
How does this information help a Web Author? A Web author or Webmaster needs to know how search engines work, and how directories, spiders, and robots work in order to learn how to optimize for the search engines, how to use META information to help the search engines and search spiders find your page on the Web. Related Sites: HTML Tutorials for Making A Web Page, and Promoting Your Web Site.

Search Engine Primers and Tutorials

Web Search Tutorial: Understanding the Search Tools (hitmill.com)
Search Engine Tutorial - How to Search (learnwebskills.com)
Types of Search Tools (berkeley.edu)
How Search Engines Work (searchenginewatch.com)
Search Engine Tutorials (searchenginewatch.com)
How to Search the Web: A Guide to Search Tools (palomar.edu)
Finding Information on the Internet (berkeley.edu)
How Alta Vista Works (samizdat.com)
Meta-Search Engines Primer (berkeley.edu)
Search Engine Optimization Secrets (searchengineoptimism.com)
10-Steps to Better Search Engine Placement (search-engine-secrets.net)
Internet Search Tools Details (berkeley.edu)
Search Algorithms (upb.de)
Boolean Searching on the Internet (albany.edu)
The Spider's Apprentice by Linda Barlow from Monash Information Services; How to conduct searches, use search engines, search engine tutorials (updated in 2004, monash.com)


Compare Search Engines

Search Engine Reviews Reviewed (consumersearch.com)
Search Engine Watch Learn how search engines compare with others and which ones are popular...(searchenginewatch.com)
Major Search Engines: A Comparison(philb.com)
Search Engine Features Chart(searchengineshowdown.com)
Search Engine Reviews(consumersearch.com)
Reviews of Search Engines (accesscom.com)
Search Engine Ratings(At the Spider's Apprentice, monash.com)


Special Internet Searches


Internet Search Tools



Awesome Library K-12 Search Engine for Kids
Education World (educator's site from education-world.com)
SearchEdu.com Search Engine Searches education sites, thesaurus, dictionary, etc.
Awesome Library Education Search Engine
EduHound Everything educational K-12
Yahoo's Education Directory
This site is searchable by category and also has a site searchengine and a wonderful site map. Well done! Site owner is an educator.
The Journal: Educational Technology
Brian's Great Educational Web Sites Newsletter
A newsletter for educational topics.
A listing of over 5,300 colleges and universities in 152 countries.
The Schrock Guide
Site owner is also an educator. Site is searchable by well-organized categorical links.
Homework Central.Com
Must sign-up (free) to become a member. Newsletters, Bulletin Board, Search by topic, study resources, college preparation, financial aid info. and more.
The Study Web

Home School Learning Network A monthly fee is needed to access this site


Music Searches

All Music Guide
Lycos Music MP3 Search
GUBA Multimedia search and download site


Games Search

Games-only search engine
Over 4000 sites.


Gopher Searches

Gopher Directory
at gopher.micro.umn.edu
(University of Minnesota)>
Gopher directory
at gopher.tc.umn.edu
Gophers by Subject
Gopher Hunt at SearchLores.Org


Anonymous FTP

Archie was a program that allowed you to search anonymous FTP servers. Working Archie Servers do not exist anymore.

UseNET News

Google Groups
Search for Groups
GUBA  Easy Access to USENET pictures and videos
Searching Newsgroups
All About Newsgroups
Newsgroup Tips
from AOL.com/netfind
Google Acquires Deja's USENET Archive
Usenet quick search


Meta Search

MetaSearch Information
from University of California at Berkeley
MetaCrawler Home Page
Webcrawler  "search engines spun together"
Mamma Meta Search
Will search the Web, FTP, Usenet newsgroups, newswires, business news and more. It is able to query 14 different search engines.
Ixquick Meta Search
Search.com's Meta Search Engine


Using Search Software

Currently on the Web, there is freeware, shareware, and commercial  software programs for you to download to your hard drive and utilize for searching several search engines at once, without having to worry about individual search formats and rules for each search engine. Search engine software saves time if you need to save your searches for some reason. Here are a few links for starters.
Free downloads available. Commercial version of Web Ferret was $29.95 when site checked in February 2006.
Copernic is freeware. I use it.
It saves a lot of time. Intuitive
interface. Search info. may be
saved or deleted easily.
Copernic Agent
This is commercial software
Inforian Quest98
This download is from PCWorld.Com. See more information there.
A free Web navigation service that works in conjunction with your browser when you surf. It is easy to install and use.
This is Net searching freeware and you have to put up with some advertisements. The version without advertisements is $19.95 Homepage is http://www.bluesquirrel.com/"
Free searching courses are offered.



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