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...compiled directory of computer and network magazines include topics such as computer technology, networking, processors and hardware, programming languagues, robotics, visual basic, .NET technology, c++ programming, c# programming, xml magazines and more..

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Headlines, events, briefs, funding; advanced topics at ncsa.uiuc.edu/
Apache Week
Business Tech
BYTE Technology articles, archives, search, features, columns...
C/C++ User's Journal Online
This is about CAD design and technology for those in the industry;
mechanical engineering/design using AutoCAD in production...
Cadence Channel
About AutoCAD (Very slow page with Flash)
Communications Engineering and Design
CIO Online
Resources for the Information Executive
CGI Resource Index
Communication Standards Review
Communication Systems Design
Computer (IEEE Computer Society)
Computer Buyer Product Reviews
Computer User.com Technology Trends and Tools
DataMonitor's ComputerWire  IT Industry news, opinion, research, and analysis.
Contingency Planning and Management Online
Corel Magazine
CPM Data Management Publications
Data Management Review
Data Management Strategies
Database Programming and Design Magazine
Profit and value from information technology
DB2 Magazine
Design Tools Monthly
for Macintosh-based graphic designers
Dr.J's Disaster Recovery Journal
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Software tools and resources for the professional programmer
(formerly DATABASE magazine)
Electronic Business
The management magazine for the electronics industry
Electronics Supply and Manufacturing
Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2
Embedded systems programming and embedded industry news
Fast Company
Life and work in the new economy
Fawcette Technical Publications Many categories.
Game Developer Magazine
EarthWeb's Java Directory of Java resources, news,on the Internet
Game Revolution
Government Computer News
Government Technology
GPS World Online
About global positioning satellite signals
ISP Planet.com
Imaging and Document Solutions
Industrial Computing Online
InfoSecurity Magazine
for the security professional
Inside Microsoft Excel
Inside Microsoft Windows98
Inside Microsoft Word
Inside NetWare
Integrated System Design Magazine
Internet Index
Internet News
Internet Product Watch
Internet Resources Newsletter
Internet Telephony
Internet Week
Internet World
ISP Planet The intelligence center for the ISP community
IT Support News
Java Report Online
Java magazines, news, events
LAN Times
Linux Journal
Linux World
Manufacturing Marketplace
Manufacturing Systems
MicroDesign Resources
Microprocessor Report
Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online
Microsoft SQL Server Professional Online
Microsoft Systems Journal
Microwave Journal
Midrange Computing Magazine
Military and Aerospace Electronics
MITs Technology Review
Mobile Computing and Communications Magazine Online
Mobile Computing Online
Multimedia Futures
NC World
network-centric computing
Top stories, categorical guides to the Internet,listing of sites by category.
Netscape Enterprise Developer
Network Briefing Daily
Network Computing
Network Computer News
News at a glance, Directory, Chat, Feedback; Bottom dollar search engine for pricing anything.
Network Magazine Online
Network News
The newspaper for network professionals
Network World Fusion
Tech. update
New Architect Internet strategies for Technology Leaders
Neural Network News
On-Line Journal of Computer Controlled Systems
Optoelectronics World
Online Reporter
About client-server news
Oracle Professional Online
Oracle Publishing
Oracle View
OS News
Exploring the future of computing
PalmTop Magazine
PalmPower Magazine
PC Computing
PC Dealer
PC Guide
PC Magazine Online
PC Magazine Solutions Archives 1998
PC Week
Technology news
PC Week Online
PC World Online
Photoelectric imaging magazine
Pen Computing
Mobile computing and communications
The Perl Journal
Personal Computer World
Phillip's ISP Business News
Portable Computing
Professional Graphics World (Formerly Silicon Graphics World)
Monthly tabloid covering Silicon Graphics computer system line.
Programming Tips and Tricks Magazine
Publish RGB
For electronic publishing professionals
Science Computing and Instrumentation Online
Computer, Instrument and Automation Technology
Security Advisor Magazine
For networked enterprise information systems
Security Management Online
News and resources for the security professional
Semiconductor Business News
Daily news for semeconductor industry managers
Server/Workstation Expert
(Formerly SunExpert Magazine); Solutions for hands-on IT managers
The independent source for Java Development
"News for nerds, stuff that matters"
Smart Access Online
High-end Microsoft Access Developers
Smart Cards and Systems
Software Development Online
Software Futures
Solid State Technology
Sun Server
Sun World
For UNIX Developers and Administrators
Support Management
Customer support and service professional
Sys Admin
The Journal for UNIX Systems Administrators
Technology in Government
Technology Review
MIT's Magazine of Innovation
Telecommunications Online
Telecommunications Reports
Hardware reviews and news
Troubleshooting Professional
Monthly magazine devoted to the professional troubleshooter
Unisys World
United Programmer's Alliance
Free subscription to online magazine
UNIX World
Upside Today
The Tech Insider
U.S. Tech Interactive
Online magazine for personal computer users
Virus Bulletin Home Page
Visual Basic Developer Online
Visual Basic Online Magazine
Visual Basic Programmer's Journal
Visual C++ Developer's Journal
Visual C++ Developer Online
VB Online Magazine
Washington Technology Online
The business newspaper for government systems integrators
Web Business
from CIO Online
Web Builder
WebDeveloper's Journal
WebServer OnLine Magazine
For managers of World Wide Web Sites
Website Abstraction
Wideband Online
Your roadmap to the digital revolution
Windows Developer's Journal
Windows Guide
Windows Magazine
Windows NT Magazine
Windows NT Magazine's UPDATE Newsletter
A free e-mail newsletter
Windows TechEdge Magazine
Wired News
Magazine, news, events
XML Zone
Yahoo Internet Life
The Web guide for kids



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