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Lynx Browser

Lynx is a text-only browser which was originally programmed at the University of Kansas. The About Lynx article has good information about the Lynx browser. Other links below have download sites, platforms that Lynx can run on, ISPs that support Lynx, mailing lists, and Lynx viewers.
This is the development team's page
Extremely Lynx
This site has been very informative and has good hyperlinks.
Dehanced for Lynx
Lynx users address issues for Web developers.
Lynx Viewer for Web authors
Allows a web author to see (if able to view) how their web pages would look when viewed with a Lynx browser.
Lynx distribution directory
Lynx Binary Distribution Sites
About Lynx (from another site)
Platforms which Lynx is able to run on
ISPs which support Lynx
List of Web Pages Optimized for Lynx
Lynx Tips
Supporting Lynx Users
Lynx Friendly
Mailing Lists related to Lynx
Lynx-Dev mailing list archives
SLCC Lynx Pages (April '99)
Security related issues in Lynx versions through 2-7-1
Found a Bug in Lynx?


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