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Introduction to the Internet Internet is a world-wide network

Information Super-Highway

This is an online Internet tutorial and introduction to the Internet for students and shall introduce students to the components of the Internet such as e-mail, browsers, the Web also known as the World Wide Web, how to search the Web, and a link to the section about HTML or Hypertext Markup Language used to make Web pages. The Internet is a world-wide network of computer networks joined together by communication lines, wireless connections and satellite connections. The Internet is not owned by any government nor individual nor corporation.

Getting An Internet Connection

In order to use the Internet you will need a browser and an Internet connection. Connection is provided by having an account with some Communications company or Internet Service Provider in your area. Check your Yellow Pages for Internet Services, Internet Service Providers, or DSL Providers. Also check with a local phone company (Call Customer Service) and ask about DSL services for your area, and the cost. If using a slower dialup connection, the existing phone line in the house will work fine since the Computer will not always be connected to the Internet. When a person pays for the account, the Internet Service Provider will provide an Information package for you to take home read and then ask questions about. When selecting an Internet Service Provider do not get one that is very large, is located outside your state, and that lacks good contact information. You need to be able to reach Tech. Support when you need them, not just by email, but sometimes by telephone.... Telephone contact and phone Tech. Support should be expected services when you pay for such an account. If you need help to set up your computer with your account, your Technical Support people should be able to guide you through that, over the telephone. Also ask about what your File Transfer information and password is... you will need a password to send files to a Web server...

Getting a Web Hosting Account

You do NOT need a Web hosting account in order to get onto the Internet. A Web hosting account is only needed by Web authors who have Web pages which they will have uploaded to a Web server in order to be viewed on the Web. See the HTML Pages for information about Web hosting and making Web pages.





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