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Free Seamless Background Textures
For Personal Web Pages


You may use the background textures free of charge for your personal Web pages. These background images are copyrighted by hitmill.com and may not to be cached into other image collections. To save an image, right click on the image and click on "Save Picture As", saving the image at your own location.  You may link to the page but please do not link directly to any image.

<BODY BACKGROUND = "images/filename.jpg" BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF">

Also code the background color (as above), in case the image does not appear in some browser windows. You will want to specify which background color should be used in the event the background image is turned off on the user's browser settings.

Left click to see full page example; RIGHT click to "SAVE PICTURE AS" .... Once your image is saved as a .jpg image you can import it into PhotoShop or PhotoPaint and set the color to the one you like then save the altered image under a new name.

bg_waterlily.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_pinks.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_skypatch.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_010401.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_010401b.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_solar.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_hitmill2.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_blues1.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_parchment3.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_hitmill4.jpg by HiTMilL.Com
bg_hitmill5.jpg by HiTMilL.Com

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Updated 29 December 2006
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Images may not be posted to other image collections
but may be used on personal web pages.
All images on this page created by Cheryl Gribble in Photoshop 6.