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HTML Table Tutorial Lesson 2k
The VSPACE & WIDTH Attributes
of the TABLE Element

A free HTML tutorial discusses the VSPACE and WIDTH attributes of the TABLE element for coding HTML tables.




This is a Netscape proprietary attribute that designates the space in pixels between the table and the content above and below the table. The V is an initial for VERTICAL (VSPACE is the VERTICAL SPACE above and below the table. When I checked, it was not supported by the Internet Explorer browser. To see the VSPACE that was coded, use Netscape Navigator.
<TABLE VSPACE="60" BORDER="1"> shows the VSPACE attribute coded inside a table tag.
The table to the above, left was given VSPACE="60" as an attribute. The vertical space between the top of the table and the text above the table, or the bottom of the table and the text below the table should be 60 pixels, if supported in the browser you are currently using. When viewed with Internet Explorer version 5.2 on Windows 98, this attribute is not supported. (I do not see any extra space between the table and the surrounding upper or lower text.)



Width is a table attribute supported by all browsers. Width expresses the horizontal width of the table in pixels. When nesting tables the width attribute may not exceed the width of the container object (the outer table holding any inner table). If an outer table is 400 pixels wide, the table inside that one cannot be wider. (An inner nested table cannot be wider than the outer container or holding table.)

This table is 100 pixels wide.

This table is 300 pixels wide.





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