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HTML Table Tutorial Lesson 2i
The HSPACE Attribute of the TABLE Element




The HSPACE attribute determines the extra horizontal space to the side(s) of the table.

When the text continues you will be able to see (in Netscape Navigator) space to the right of the table above. From my experience, the HSPACE and VSPACE attributes are proprietary and limited to Netscape Navigator, not supported by Internet Explorer browser.
Sometimes when text comes before a table you want to put the table in the center of the page. From my own experience, when I did this, no text appeared on either side of the table. Let's try it now:

and see what happened. Where do you see the text? Which browser are you using? Are you able to view this page with both Internet Explorer and with Netscape Navigator to see if any difference exists?

Now I will change the table alignment to the right:


Where do you see the text? Which browser are you currently using? Which browser supports HSPACE attribute of the TABLE tag? Other browsers you could possible use include, but are not limited to, Opera and Amaya. Opera is downloaded from opera.com and Amaya is available from W3C.org.





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