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Complimentary Color Scheme Tutorial
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Tutorial about the split complementary color scheme and the complementary color scheme and a directory of color-related tutorials and color directory. Refer to the Color Directory for sites having color selectors and tools for helping to select color schemes, color tutorials, color theory, light and optics and how it relates to color, color references for hexadecimal color, rgb color, cmyk color; advanced color in design; bringing color objects into text;and color in digital graphics.

Discussion of the Complementary Color Scheme

Colors on the color wheel which are opposite each other, such as blue and orange, are complementary. When a blue paint is mixed with a touch of orange paint, the resulting color is a blue tone or brown hue. The blues and the browns produced by such mixing of blue's complement with blue are considered a part of the complementary color scheme of blue or of orange. Likewise, red and green are opposites on the color wheel and are complementary. A red mixed into a green paint also produces browns and a green mixed into a red paint produced some green tones and some brown hues. Think of autumn colors of leaves, and the complements of orange, the complements of greens and of reds.... What color mixed with yellow would produce it's complement hues? Violet would. Yellow and violet are opposites on the color wheel. The complimentary Color Scheme is produced when opposities on the color wheel are mixed together on a palette.
If you would like to produce a light tan color just begin with yellow or one of the oranges and add a tiny amount of its complement, then a bit of white. Take a class or course which teaches painting and color mixing or color theory to learn more about complementary colors.

Definition of Split Complementary Color Scheme

The split complementary color scheme results from having instead of two opposites on the color wheel mixed together, the colors on either side of one of the complements are used instead. For instance, instead of mixing violet with yellow, a split complementary color scheme would be created by mixing violet with first a yellow green, and then with a yellow-orange hue and yellow is skipped over. Also a split complementary color scheme can go in the opposite direction and only mix yellow with either a red-violet or a blue-violet, and skipping over violet. All of the hues created when the yellow is either mixed with the blue violet, and also with the yellow mixed with the red violet, would be a split complementary scheme of yellow and the intermediate violet hues.
Another example: Beginning with a red-violet. Normally the full complementary color, opposite on the color wheel, would be yellow-green. Now skip over yellow-green and use only the two colors beside the yellow-green to mix into the red-violet. That would be red-violet mixed with some yellow, then red-violet mixed with some green. This split complementary color scheme used one intermediate color (red-violet) mixed with one primary color (yellow) and one secondary color (green). All of the colors resulting from the mixing of red-violet with either of it's split complements is part of its split complementary color scheme.
Example of Complementary Color Scheme
#AACOCC #658BA3 #517488
#CCBAAB #A98A72 #846651
#BBC6CC #7C929C #5C717A
#CCC7C3 #91867D #797066
#CCC3BB #AA9A8C #877565



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