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Anyone can learn HTML in this easy to understand format. Download custom websites which are easily installed and modified with your own info. Add some cool stuff to your webpage -- all FREE!
HTML Basics
At WebMonkey
 HTML Goodie's Basic HTML Primer
The best place to start for someone knowing nothing at all about HTML
HyperText Markup Language Home Page
At W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium
Introduction to HTML
This site, from uontario.ca, was the favorite HTML reference of the Onlink Webmasters
HTML 4 Rookies
HTML Tutorial
John's Internet Help
Tutorials at EchoEcho.Com
Introduction to HTML
Case Western Reserve University's Tutorials
HTML Tutorial, (Stanford U.)
From Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. USA.
Web Pages That Suck
This site of Vincent Flanders shows examples of what not to do
...things to avoid.
Web Design History (InnerVisions.com)

Alternate Language HTML
Primers and Tutorials

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