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How to Increase Your Web Traffic

A Web promotion tutorial about how to increase Web site traffic, bringing more visitors to your website. Several methods of increasing your website traffic are available. You want to improve your Web site's visibility on the Internet, increase visitor numbers, and at the same increase Page Views. This tutorial will give you enough information so that you know what to search for in more detailed articles, books, references on the Web. Search engine optimization is also seen as SEO, meaning the same thing. I prefer to use two words for Search Engine.

What to do first...
Add Meta Tags, then register with the search engines:
You can register with a few of the more popular searchengines and the lesser known search engines will be picking you up from the lists of the larger search engines. Since approximately 75% of your Web traffic will come from search engine referrals, your "page optimization for search engine positioning" research and reading is not a topic to be overlooked. More recently in 2011 and in 2012, the general consensus is that Meta Tags and searchengine optimization is not important to page position, that searchengines and search spiders will find you on their own, but I have not yet learned of what the next best thing to Meta Information is... Even Adobe Photoshop Lightroom uses Meta date information for organizing and finding files, so that is pretty important feature of Web sites, this grandmother believes, in January of 2013... Tell me meta data is not important and why, and see if I believe it. Find links for registering your own Web site. Read the material carefully at each search engine site prior to registering. You must follow their rules and you must not spam your KEYWORDS nor spam PHRASES or you could be REMOVED from a search database.

Give your visitors a reason to return to your site. Companies have the advantage in having more people working on their Web sites to keep pages fresh and current. When you work alone on over 400 pages in a domain, it is realistic to just do your best, and not lose sleep over it... The top dog in position #1 is going to be whomever, whatever site, is the decided site the searchengine company wants there...so I don't knock myself out.

Site your references when writing an article for your site. Be credible. I delete gimmick messages about Web sites which find my e-mail box, and think it's a sin to block credible bandwidth with trashy gimmicks, just to get someone to visit a Web site, where they phish for private information. If a free e-book really does relate to your site content, don't be afraid to write one and offer it free. Many e-books are now in PDF file format which can be created by Adobe's Acrobat Professional software. Adobe.com offers a free Acrobat Reader, so you can open PDF files on your computer and read these cross-platform files, which work on multiple types of operating systems, such a Mac, PC, Ice Cream Sandwich for some smart phone, and yes, even on Windows 8.

This is a PDF File Example. I need to ask you to download the free Acrobat Reader if you cannot view this file because Acrobat Reader is needed now to view files created with Adobe Acrobat which generates PDF files. Please read Information About PDF Files.


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Be sure to see the page about where and how to Register your Web Site. Before you do so, optimize it. See the page about Optimizing for the Search Engines. Use your META tags.

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