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How to Optimize
For The Search Engines


A tutorial about how to optimize your Web page for the search engines, search tools

"Optimizing Your Site For the Search Engines" is a Web site for new Web page authors wanting to learn techniques of Web page optimization, how to get better search rankings and positions in the engines. Information provided here will not necessarily be applicable to the position of your Web page in the directories.

Your Web site traffic will increase as you work on development and promotion. I have a lot of good information about optimizing for the search tools, for the Web, for placement positioning with some of the search engines... this page is a follow-up to all of the META information and what you have studied about "how search engines work". Before you submit your site to the search engines you will need to optimize your pages. Search engine optimization is not taken lightly by the larger corporations. Knowledge of how to optimize your pages is very valuable. This topic is enmeshed in the Internet marketing principles of the 21st century.

  • Do Not Spam Your Keywords.
  • Keywords should reflect the topic and sub-topics of your text presentation in the BODY section of the document.
  • The Title in the HEAD section of the document should match the title in the BODY section of the document.
  • Use the image tag's ALT property to describe the image used and not to spam more keywords.
  • Study the Metatag Tutorials. Use the META KEYWORDS appropriately and do not repeat keywords within this tag...
  • Do not neglect nor misrepresent information in your META DESCRIPTION.

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