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Meta Tag Tutorials
Introduction to Meta Tags


This is a 3-page free online tutorial about meta tags and resources for reading about additional meta information: What is a meta tag? What are they for? How are they used? and more meta tag tutorials. Study these meta tag tutorials and apply the information to your HTML document's head section in order to optimize for the search engines and increase your Web traffic.

Learning about meta tags and meta information is something that will give you better position in the ranking of search engines, when your information about META tags is put to use. First you need to get an overview of what meta tags are, what they are used for... I have listed a few links below for this first introduction. I have a separate page for getting into more depth with the META Tutorials, and finally, a page where META tags apply to promoting your Web page:  Using META Tags is about putting the Meta tags into your own HTML documents. Also, the META Tag generators are listed as hyperlinks on the same page as Using META Tags. Read about How to Optimize For The Search Engines.

Which META tag DTD should I use with the HTML 4.0x?
Transitional HTML 4.01 DTD

Be sure that you read the The META Tutorials and then read about Using META Tags



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