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Free Web Hosting Sites

This is a page listing free Web hosting sites and inexpensive hosting sites. Geocities supports FrontPage extensions. As fast as the industry is changing there are bound to be some errors in the information below. If you spot any such changes in information, please feel free to notify the webmaster.
Angelfire Communications
Must register. Up to 20 MB in space, but have ads on your space; Blog Builder, Photo Album Builder, New Planet Builder. Read that FAQ. Angelfire Elements is $5/month and no ads. Includes POP/IMAP E-mail and Webmail tool. Web accessible e-mail is good for when you travel.
Ceased service March 1, 2006. See Web.com.
Business Net
theBusinessNet - a free guide to making money on the Internet. This free website will help provide you with the knowledge and the resources to establish your own FREE money making business on the internet. The websites are free... the businesses are free... the resources to promote your business are free.
25 MB web space without purchase. Extra services may be purchased. "We will soon be offering a new Free Web Page System that offers many new features!" Fee for many services.
20 MB; Individuals and businesses; e-mail addresses; FTP access; customized domain name, access counter, guest book, and more.
Free 50 MB site; domain name hosting; each of your pages will have banner ads.
15 MB; one free e-mail account for signing up for a free home page. FTP file accessibility, uploading.
Prodigy Internet
Members get 15 MB free; FTP supported.
50 MB; free e-mail; 1 FTP account; site-building utility; multiple directories; CGI/SSI directories. Pay $24.95 to have your banners removed from your Web pages for one year. You can also have the banners removed by referring someone to their paid services.
Unlimited space; PHP: cgi-bin. Ads are placed on your site. You can generate money from the ads.
Note: As of September 20, 2001, SPREE will no longer engage in any free hosting and no new sites are accepted. All SPREE free-hosted sites will be dropped on September 20.
The One Stop Network
2 MB; FTP supported.
Sign up for 50 MB free space; FTP supported; virtual communities and a lot of new information . This site is a "must visit" for those looking for web hosts. Free email.
Web.com  Formerly Interland.com. Web host. Different packages. No Free.
WebSiteForFree.Com is not a free site. Check their pricing. You can "build a site for free" but the hosting will cost you so much a month, depending on plan.
Free 10MB, watermark ads, FTP; collection of CGI-scripts.
Your OneStop Network
Business and personal hosting services. $11 domain registration. 10 MB free space, with 1 free Web mail (POP/IMAP)

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