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Hexadecimal Color Codes:
Selected Named Colors

This is one of six pages of our hexadecimal color values reference for Web authors. There is also a second set of pastel colors, there are free background textures in the HTML section, a page of named selected colors, a color picker tool, and non-dithering color value charts.
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The Original Windows 3.2 COLORS

These named colors can still be used today. The following table displays the original 16 colors that were available to Web authors using HTML tags on Windows 3.2 platforms. A Web author's choice with the 16 color limitation was to code with just the name, or by using the octothorp (#) with the hexidecimal color code, such as "#C0C0C0".
Example:  COLOR="silver"   OR COLOR="#COCOCO"

HTML 3.2 Colors
Name   RGB
"# "
Aqua   00FFFF
Black   000000
Blue   0000FF
Fuchsia   FF00FF
Gray   808080
Green   008000
Lime   00FF00
Maroon   800000
Navy   000080
Olive   808000
Purple   800080
Red   FF0000
Silver   C0C0C0
White   FFFFFF
Teal   008080
Yellow   FFFF00
If the color does NOT appear to be correct, try viewing this page with a different browser. A Web author should always check their pages with 2 or 3 or more browsers.


Selected Named Colors

Selected Named Colors is a reference for Web authors desiring to code the name of a color without using the alphanumeric code number for the color. When using a compounded name or a name with several parts do not use spaces between words, and use lowercase.
COLOR = "darktan"

Selected Named Colors
Name   RGB value
"# "
Name   RGB value
"# "
Name   RGB value
"# "
Orange Red   FF2400 Drk. Green Copper   4A766E Brown   A62A2A
Medium Red   DB7093 Firebrick   8E2323 Cool Copper   D98719
Red   FF0000 Sienna   8E6B23 Copper   B87333
Scarlet   8C1717 Orange   FF7F00 Brass   B5A642
Violet Red   CC3299 Med. Goldenrod   EAEAAE Bronze   8C7853
Orchid   DB70DB Mandarin Orange   E47833 Bronze II   A67D3D
Med. Orchid   9370DB Goldenrod   DBDB70 Gold   CD7F32
Dark Orchid   9932CD Coral   FF7F00 Old Gold   CFB53B
Dark Plum   871F78 Bright Gold   D9D919 Silver   E6E8FA
Blue Violet   9F5F9F Yellow   FFFF00 Lt lt gray   CDCDCD
Fuchsia   FF00FF Lime Green   32CD32 Dusty Rose   856363
Pink   BC8F8F Green Yellow   93DB70 Dark Tan   97694F
Plum   EAADEA Dark Olive Green   4F4F2F Feldspar   D19275
Violet   4F2F4F Yellow Green   99CC32 Quartz   D9D9F3
Spicy Pink   FF1CAE Spring Green   00FF7F New Tan   EBC79E
Dark Purple   871F78 Sea Green   238E68 lt. Wood   E9C2A6
Purple   8E236B Lt. Green   8FBC8F med. Wood   A68064
Med.Violet Red   DB7093 med.Spring Green   7FFF00 drk. Wood   855E42
Neon Pink   FF6E7C med. Sea Green   426F42 Bakers Chocolate   5C3317
Salmon   6F4242 med. Forest Green   6B8E23 drk. Brown   5C4033
Midnight Blue   2F2F4F Forest Green   238E23 Green Copper   527F76
Dark Blue   23238E Hunter Green   215EE21 Indian Red   215E21
New Mid. Blue   00009C Drk. Green   2F4F2F Khaki   9F9F5F
Neon Blue   4DD4DFF Green   00FF00 semisweet Choc.   6B4226
Rich Blue   5959AB Aquamarine   70DB93 Tan   DB9370
Sky   3299CC Aqua   00FFFF Thistle   D8BFD8
Steel Blue   236B8E Med. Aquamarine   32CD99 Wheat   D8D8BF
Slate(blue)   007FFF Med. Turquoise   70DBDB Lt. Grey   A8A8A8
Blue   0000FF Turquoise   ADEAEA Dim Grey   545454
Cadet Blue   5F9F9F med. Slate Blue   7F00FF Grey   C0C0C0
Corn Flower   42426F Med. Blue   3232CD drk.Slate Grey   2F4F4F
Drk. Slate   6B238E Drk. Turquoise   7093DB very drk. Brown   5C4033
Lt. Blue   C0D9D9 lt. Steel Blue   8F8FBD Black   000000




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