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The following sites offer commercial Web Hosting for a monthly fee. Check the sites for details, as prices and marketing needs are in flux. Please notify the Webmaster if you have any complaints about the hosting services of any companies listed on our pages. We strive to list honest and reputable companies having reliable customer services for their client base.

Web hosting portals are not ISPs where you can have a dial-up account or a DSL connection. For those companies look a for listing called "Internet Service Provider". A Web host is a company having servers that host Web documents such as Web pages. Most Web hosting companies are fee-for-service and generally several pricing packages are available at each company based on bandwidth, and on the size of Web site expressed in megabytes (MB).

FindSP.Com's Hosting site
Supports hosting pages for .NET, Linux/UNIX, JSP, NT, ColdFusion, FrontPage, MAC, Reseller, WAP. Directory, Knowledge Base, Tutorials.
Glossary:   http://www.findsp.com/Hosting/Glossary/
Tutorials:   http://www.findsp.com/Tutorials/Dir/
AussieHosts.Com is an award-winning hosting site in Australia. More information...



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