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HTML Editors

by C.Gribble for Hitmill.com


Some HTML Editors have a WYSIWYG feature (What You See Is What You Get) for exact positioning of objects on the Web page. Such Editors will place items for you on the web page but the HTML coding of the tables leaves something to be desired. Tables are nested within tables making site maintenance more difficult yet many believe this is the way to go for those persons who do not know HTML coding. Of these Editors, Microsoft's FrontPage has been popular. Not all ISP servers support FrontPage. Check with a webmaster before selecting an ISP server for your web page. Ask if all Editors are supported, if you will have FTP access, and if CGI scripting is supported.

Ideally, you will want to select an HTML Editor that also supports JavaScript authoring, for as you advance, you will want scripting and interactivity on your pages. The learning curve is not as steep if you buy one Editor for all of your needs now, and grow with it rather than having to "upgrade" and buy a different Editor later.

I have provided links to HTML primers and tutorials  on a separate page. You may also use a