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HTML Tutorials for Students

(HTML for Beginners)

HTML Tutorials for Students is HTML for beginners, a primary HTML site (about Hypertext Markup Language) with new tutorials and resources for page layout, for formatting text on a Web page, creating tables with the Table Tutorials, how to add an image to a Web page, Web page sound, hexidecimal color values, FTP tutorial for file transferring, PDF File tutorial (Adobe Acrobat), Web page promotion, search engine optimization, and more...

These are free online HTML tutorials for students. Is it a bad idea to embed sound to play music as the Web page loads?  Also see Xory's MP3 FAQ.


TIP: A text editor called EditPlus is easy to use, has free trial downloads available, and supports several technologies such as HTML 4.0, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, and more. Read about EditPlus at the above link.




Updated: 12 Feb 2010
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