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DHTML Resources

DHTML resources for students is an introduction to DHTML covering DHTML tutorials, a DHTML FAQ section, positioning with CSS, layers with CSS, XML, DHTML demos, HTML 4, and links to the Cascading Style Sheets Tutorials.
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Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets Rules

CSS-P: Positioning
Layers (Netscape only)
JSS (Netscape only)

The Amaya browser is a browser at the World Wide Web Corsortium (W3C.ORG) used to test and implement Web technologies. A free current version of the Amaya browser can be downloaded from w3c.org and installed on your own home computer.
Students: Usually students are not allowed to install anything or download anything onto a school computer. Check with your instructor.


Intro. & Tutorials

Intro to DHTML
from Adam's Advanced HTML Guide
Beginner's Guide to DHTML
by David Gardner
Everything You Need to Know About Dynamic HTML


DHTML FAQ (cedsolutions.com)


Cross Browser DHTML
from WebDevelopers Virtual Library
DHTML Scrollbars
Article and tutorial
Introduction to DHTML Behaviors
JavaScript Forum
Some sites are referring to this site as Web Developer magaz

Resources, Scripts, Demos

Newsgroups, Magazines


Positioning With CSS (CSS-P)

CSS-P is Cascading Style Sheets - Positioning. It may also be called Positioning with Style Sheets or CSS Positioning. CSS-P is one of the cross-browser Dynamic HTML technologies for writing pages for both of the major browsers. The results of CSS-P coding are viewable in both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x. Review Intro. to DHTML to see the charts naming all of the cross-browser technologies.

The Draft: Positioning HTML Elements With Cascading Style Sheets
Working Draft 19-Aug-1997 from W3C
from the HTML Writers Guild
Browser Specific Dynamic Positioning Differences
by Shelley Powers for wdvl.com
Cascading Style Sheets Positioning Tutorial (Spanish language)

Netscape's LAYERS

So You Want To Layer, Huh?
DHTML Layers Tutorial (htmlgoodies.com)
DHTML Layers in Motion
Actually do moving layers -- DHTML layers
DHTML, Layers, and all that! (W3C Archives)
Lock Dragable DHTML Layers?

Netscape's JSS

JSS is an acronym for JavaScript Style Sheets. It is one of the many technologies comprising Dynamic HTML.

This is not a cross-browser technology. JavaScript Style Sheets will only work with Netscape Navigator. Web pages utilizing this technology will not look good when viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. To write Web pages for both browsers use Cascading Style Sheet rules (CSS), a cross-browser technology of DHTML.

JavaScript Enabled Style Sheets vs. CSS
from the W3C Archives
Hierarchical Menus in Frames:JavaScript Style Sheets?
JavaScript Style Sheets



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