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compTIA certification programs
A+, Security+, etc.
The Computing Technology Industry Association certification programs are the industry standards for foundation-level information technology skills.



Networking Books

Free book: The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

Since there are so many networking books and the industry is evolving so quickly, I have to refer you to book sites at the following publishers.
Thomson/Course Technology (textbooks)
DMOZ.Org list of publishers of computer books

Networking-Related E-Zines


Networking News


Networking Newsletters, Forums


Networking Newsgroups

Tutorial: Finding the Appropriate Newsgroup
Comp FAQs by newsgroup
comp.sys.acorn.networking newgroup FAQs
Microsoft Broadband Networking Newsgroup
comp.os.linux.networking FAQ
Linux Setup Newsgroup The USENET newsgroup for Linux installation and system administration problems.
The Archived Linux Setup Newsgroup The archived comp.os.linux.setup on Deja. Browse or Search here.
Linux Networking Newsgroup  The USENET newsgroup for Linux networking issues.


Freeware, Shareware


Device Drivers


Tips and Tricks

Windows XP Tips (Tips for XP also work with Windows 2000)


Web-Based Network Tools

Related Links

Avaya Business Phone Systems 
They sell, install, and maintain Avaya/Lucent phone systems at competitive prices.



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