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Linux Operating System


This is a linux resource site for students. See also: Linux Networking

Primary Linux sites on the Web including articles, journals, news, directories, software and drivers for Linux users, programmers, developers.

Linux Journal
 News, Articles,
 Resources, Get Linux,
 What is Linux? and
Linux Gazette
Linux Weekly News
 News, Resources

Linux Home Page (Linux Online)
Home page begins with "What is Linux" and a little of its history. Located at Linus.org, this site is rich with information: Applications, Distributions, Hardware, Support, Projects, User Group, Bookstore.
Linux Hardware Database
A search by product name...
Linux-2000 Links
 Very good resource list by category
Linux Headquarters
 Kernels 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, Information,
 Resource links...
 Kernel information, support
 Search, forum, appindex, developer
Linux International.Org
Linux Center
Linux Operating System
The Rampantly Unofficial Linus Torvalds FAQ
Article: More big technology firms embrace broad use of Linux operating system
Linux Resources and a few Unix resources
Linux Installation and Getting Started (1998)
Linux Repository including Kernel Source
Kernel.Org site mirrors/RedHat
Linux FAQ
This FAQ even includes proper pronounciation of Linux.
Linux Counter
Linux Life
This site has more Linux resource links than any, so far...
Focus on Linux
Linux Web Watcher
Technical links
CPU Review: RedHat 6.0: A First Look
Deluxe Linux Operating System 6
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