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Computer Hoax Tutorial


This computer hoax tutorial will help you to not perpetuate hoaxes by forwarding them in e-mail to anyone else without investigating the hoax threat to find out if it is on the hoax list.

Many times you may be tempted by an e-mail to visit other sites you would not have intended to visit, or telling you that you have won millions of dollars, if only you reply to the email, and other incredulous stories. By visiting the following links, you can find out if similar hoaxes have been perpetrated before you go off thinking you really did win some money....(did not). And before you race out to send mail to some sick and dying child you have never me, read about that hoax at one of the sites below. Do not keep mail chains going by adding your contacts to a list and forwarding the e-mail... especially if the story is not true. Be careful what you believe online and NEVER open an attachment from anyone, when you were expecting that attachment to begin with.... Malicious malware can be put onto yur computer by any attachment in your mail... just delete attachments unless a family member or coworker tells you ahead of time, the name of the file being attached, and the file size. If the filesize is larger when you receive, delete the e-mail attachment by deleing the email message and notify the sender that the filesize was larger when you received it and could they please the correct file again. If people keep sending you spam e-mail, download an e-mail software that allows you to put spam users on a list to block those unwanted e-mails... Ask someone at a computer repair store if you do not know how to download and configure an e-mail client software program.
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Updated 01 February 2009

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