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Tutorial About Fonts

Online article about finding a font, installing a font on your computer, and links about making fonts.

To illustrate an example, let us assume that the font you need is "Laser Chrome".

Use Google to find a font download site, or to do a search for "Laser Chrome" using the parentheses. Google also has an easy to use "Advanced Search". Type Laser Chrome where it allows for "Exact Phrase" at the Google Advanced Search site. Then where it allows for "All of the Words" type Font.
Fonts need two files to work: one file will not work without the other file and by going to a font download site, its all done automatically.
Windows Users: All you have to do is to install the font through Settings/ControlPanel/Fonts then click on File, Install New Font.
Use a Google search to find the sites where you can download free fonts.
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Updated 13 Feb 2013