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Futuristic Computers

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8-Bit Operating Systems (Armory.Com)
Classic 8-bit Computers
A Brief History of Computers and Networks (GoldenInk.Com)
A Chronology of Computer History (Cyberstreet.Com)
A Chronology of Personal Computers (kpolsson - islandnet.com)
A Few Quotes from Silicon Valley History
A Journey Through the History of Information Technology
Photos: History of Computing Information
Artificial Intelligence, History of
A Timeline of Computer and Internet History
Gordon Bell, researcher

Calculator Reference, Research Page
Chronology of Computer History (cyberstreet.com)
Chronology of Personal Computers (Ken Polsson)
Computing Science, History of
Computers: From the Past to the Present
A Seymour Cray Perspective
First, Second, Third, and Fourth Generation Computers
Features of each generation are discussed.
Google.Com's Computer History Links
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
Historic Computer Images (army.mil)
History of Computer Viruses and Attacks (securityfocus.com)
History of Computing (ei.cs.vt.edu)
A compiled directory of categorical links.
History of Computing: Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC)
This site is a virtual museum which includes an eclectic collection of WWW hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and on-line computer-based exhibits.
History of the Internet (Roads and Crossroads of Internet History (Gregory Gromov's site)
History of the Web Beginning at CERN
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Internet History: Roads and Crossroads of Internet History (Gregory Gromov)

Mind Machine Museum (SFSU.edu)

Past Notable Women of Computing and Mathematics
PC Computers, Pre-IBM
Pioneers (Wired Magazine's List of Pioneers of Computing)
Pioneers of Computing
Silicon Valley History (netvalley.com)
Smithsonian Institute's Computer History Collection

Tech. History (si.edu)
The Charles Babbage Institute
This is located at the University of Minnesota
Many computer subjects including the history of computers...
The Evolution of the Computer
The History of Shareware
The IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
The Revolutionaries
The Smithsonian Computer History and Information Technology
Timeline: The History of Computers (Maxmon.com)
Well done! Events influencing the history and development of computing.
Tools for Thought (Howard Rheingold)
Virtual Museum of Computing
Viruses: History of Computer Viruses
Wearable Computing at media.MIT.edu
What was the first computer and who built it?"
Wired Magazine:Browse by Person
This is a list not to be missed. Enjoy.



Current Research Links


Futuristic Computers

I am collectively using the term "Futuristic Computers" to refer to the technologically advanced computers of robotics, artificial intelligence, neural networks, voice recognition, and science fiction.
Robotics-Related Web Servers (UMASS.EDU)
Robotics Directory (dir.stunning.com)
The Problem With HAL9000  
2001:A Space Odyssey.
Recommended Books on the Future of User Interface
Transmeta's Crusoe chip (2000)
Futuristic Computer Graphics
Computers in Our Future
What is an Artificial Neural Network?
Neural Networks at Your Fingertips
SRI Artificial Intelligence Center
Directory of Voice Recognition Software (yahoo.com)




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