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This is an Apache Server guide for users, developers, webmasters, and students as we include user/developer information, Apache forums, PHP server-side includes, HTACCESS file, Apache books, and link to the Apache Project and other Apache HTTP Server resources, tutorials, primers, and FAQs.
Microsoft's ASP technology is proprietary (not cross-platform) and will not work on the Apache Server. Instead, students using Apache Server will need to look to PHP technology and Perl/CGI scripting which is compatible with the UNIX-based servers. (Microsoft does not have the larger market share in server operating systems.)



Apache HTTP Server Forums

Apache and PHP Forums (Beginner is OK)
Apache for Total Beginners (Beginner's place)
Apache Config. Question HARD (hard questions, not beginner)


Apache Server Tutorials, Primers,
FAQs and Documentation


Server-Side Includes




PHP/MySQL Database on Apache Server


Apache Server Books, PDF Files

Apache Server for Dummies (by Ken Coar)
Book at awprofessional.com/: Apache Desktop Reference (for Apache on UNIX)
Book at Amazon.com/:  Apache Desktop Reference (Apache on UNIX)
Apache Server 2.0: A Beginner's Guide (halfpricecomputerbooks.com)
PDF:  Windowís Apache Web Server Configuration: Installation Guide for Apache 2.0.x Web Server (download at Amazon.com/)
O'Reilly's Apache book list
Amazon.com's Apache books list
Apache-server.com Store (Ken Coar's site)

Introduction to UNIX
Unix/Linux Introduction
Student Document Page for UNIX bash shell environment
OS X's BSD/UNIX Command reference
Online UNIX tutorial with tcsh shell  (Mac OS X version 10.2.x, Jaguar, uses tcsh shell and some installations of version 10.3.x, Panther, also default to the tcsh shell. A clean installation of version 10.3.x Panther uses the "UNIX bash shell" commands.)
Norman Matloff's UNIX Tutorial Center


Apache Server User/Developer List


Apache Conferences


Apache Server Jobs/Opportunities/Speakers


Specific Apache HTTP Server Installations/Configurations


Apache Maillists

Good way to get user/developer information. See the maillist link at the Apache HTTP Project Home Page.



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