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Information for students about computers, computer processing and where to obtan driver updates, device driver or software downloads, operating systems, Apple and Macintosh computer information, Microsoft links, computer-related magazines, and more. Easy to navigate and full of information technology topics, history of computers, history of the Web, links to other Hitmill tutorials about Programming, Networking, WLANs, HTML, DHTML, CSS and additional Web technologies; apache server resources, kerberos tutorial, related links, and more...


Featured Sites:
DOWNLOAD Thunderbird E-MAIL from Mozilla.com
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,Inc.  The IEEE is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology and creates standards in telecommunication, information technology, and power generation -- standards that underpin many of today's technologies.
CSAIL at MIT (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
 (applied mathematics, research and modeling, distributed algorithms, complex distributed systems, robotics, and more at CSAIL. Visit here if interested in engineering, robotics, computer science, applied mathematics, research)
Parc Research Computing Science Laboratory 


Programming and Networking

an old   computer chip image
An "older technology" computer chip

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