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Chalk Board is a directory of math links for students and educators.


History of Mathematics Index


The Abacus

What is An Abacus? Hitmill.com -- Definition of abacus, pictures, history of, counting tables, and related links.
The Abacus - The Art of Calculating with Beads (ee.ryerson.ca)
The Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads (java.sun.com)
The Abacus: A History (Liz Young)
How to Use a Chinese Abacus  (uga.edu)
How to Use a Chinese Abacus: A Computer-Based Tutorial (Math Forum.org)
The Abacus - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts (T.Hammond, truman.edu)
The Abacus Great picture! (CyberKids)
Buy a Chinese Abacus (asianideas.com)


The Calculus

A History of the Calculus
An Historical Outline of the Calculus
ecalculus.org: The Calculus Page (ucdavis.edu)
e-Calculus Calculus 1 Tutorial (University of Akron)
Resources for the Calculus student, the Calculus Instructor; links to other calculus sites, History of calculus, sites with problems, sample tests, and so much more�. Bookmark it!
The Calculus Page Problems List
MathArchives Calculus Resources Online (math.utk.edu)
Visual Calculus Teaching Modules


References, Research
Tables and Directories

Guide to Available Mathematical Software (nist.gov)
JOMA: Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications
Math Archives (utk.edu)
Internet Mathematics Library (mathforum.org)
Mathematics Online Bookshelf Academic Info - Mathematics (meta-index)
A Catalog of Mathematics Resources on the World Wide Web (University of Wisconsin)
The Math Archives Index (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Mathematics Research Library (University of Washington)
Geometry Analysis, Numerics, Graphics (U. Mass.)
Math Reference Tables (Math2.org)
Mathematics Resources at Galaxy.Einet.Net
Yahoo Mathematics Listings
BigChalk.Com's Homework Directory by Subject
Interactive Mathematics Online (Thinkquest.Org)
  Math Miscellany, Puzzles, Problems, and more...
Books by Clifford Pickover  (Includes books like The Alien IQ Test)
U. of Florida Statistics Page
Mathematics Education (Florida State University)
Philosophy of Mathematics
  by David S. Ross, Ph.D., a mathematician at Eastman Kodak Research Labs
List of Mathematics Servers (Penn State)
EducationNews.Org: Mathematics
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Pacific Journal of Mathematics
Scientific American Ask The Experts (Math topics)
Math Search (U Sydney)
Mathsoft Resources (including unsolved math problems)
Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) (Rutgers, a collaborative project)
CSAIL at MIT (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
 (applied mathematics, research and modeling, distributed algorithms, complex distributed systems, robotics, and more at CSAIL ; should be visited if interested in engineering, robotics, computer science, applied mathematics, research)






Women in Mathematics, Physics, Sciences

Nancy Lynch at MIT
Archives of Women in Science and Engineering  (Iowa State University)
4000 Years of Women in Science (ua.edu)
Biographies of Women Mathematicians (agnesscott.edu)
Female Mathematicians (st-and.ac.uk)
Women Mathematicians (About.com)
Site has distracting wobbly advertisements





Algebra Help
Stroh Math Page (Algebra I and II by Mr. Stroh)
Interactive Mathematics Online (Algrebra and Geometry)
Quadratic Equation Calculator (for Intermediate Algebra students)
This is a good place for you to check your calculations on those quadratic equations if you do not have an answer book. They take the form of ax2 + bx + c = 0, where a, b, and c are coefficients.
Quadratic Formula Rewritten (Harry J. Smith)
Denise Carlton's Algebra Tutorials Page
Practical Algebra Lessons from PurpleMath.com
MathDorks's Interactive Math: Algebra
Algebra Review Tutorials (hofstra.edu)
MathsDirect Algebra Tutorials (mathsyear2000.org)
Linda Martin's Math Page




Miscellaneous Math Links




Abstract Algebra


Slide Rules

A Pickett Slide Rule
Pickett Slide Rule




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