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This site is an earthquake resource site with links to earthquake information about recent earthquakes including shake maps,earthquake maps and to seismology sites. See the link about where to report having felt an earthquake.

United States Current Earthquakes

Watch the seismograph (in real time)
*Recent SF Bay Area Earthquakes (California)
Recent SF Bay Area Earthquakes (this page only used when needed)
Monterey Bay Area Current Earthquakes
Los Angeles Area Current Earthquakes
*Recent earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (US)
Pacific Northwest Earthquake Information
*Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada
*Oregon Earthquakes
Current Seismicity for the United States


Report Feeling an Earthquake

Did you feel it? Submit report immediately to
(Be certain that you are submitting the report for the correct event by checking the title at this website)



Data, Information, Organizations and Labs

Northern California Earthquake Data Center
Southern California Earthquake Data Center
Southern California Earthquake Center
U.C. Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Cal Tech Seismological Laboratory



Seismology/Geology Glossary


Earthquake Readiness and Safety Tips

FEMA Disaster Supplies Kit (Get Ready, Be Ready.)
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Faults and Fault Zones

Earthquake Fault Zones in California
The san Andreas Fault and the San Francisco Bay Area


Hazards and Seismicity; Maps

Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Advisory
USGS Seismicity of California
San Francisco Bay Region Geology and Geological Hazards
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory: Seismicity Maps for Northern California
Seismicity Maps for California and Nevada
Seismic Maps and Lists of Alaska
National Seismic Hazards Maps
Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
Earthquake Hazards in Oregon and Washington
ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information
Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program



Plate Tectonics Sites
Southern California Tectonics


Earthquake Related Links

Make Your Own Seismogram





Japan Earthquakes


World-Wide Earthquakes, at USGS.GOV sites


Government Entities




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