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California History is a compiled California History directory for researchers, tourists, immigrants, students and teachers, and native Californians wanting to know more about California history. The site covers California geography, California geology, the Bear Flag Revolt, early explorers, California gold rush, literature; and authors such as Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jessamyn West; and more... This site is rich with resources about California.

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As many as 12,000 years ago there were ancient hunters in Northern California.1   They may have left the area due to climatic and or geologic changes during that era. Why they left is not well documented but there were definitely other prehistoric peoples in Northern California since that time. 2  The occupation of Northern California by fur traders and native American Indians preceded the history of the Mexican land grants and the subsequent arrival of the "Californios" 3. Old Napa Valley: The History to 1900 by Lin Weber has excellent chapters about the histories and cultures of early "Alta California" 3.

Before the Gold Rush of 1849, Northern California was called "Alta California" by the "Californios" from Mexico. The famous "Bear Flag Revolt" in Sonoma was actually started by several men from the Napa Valley. 3.

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Suggested Book: Californio Voices (Publisher's book site).


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